Doctor explains 10-3-2-1 sleeping hack for people who struggle to get enough kip

An NHS doctor has given insomniacs tips to sleep better and revealed a simple set of rules that can help them switch off.

Dr Karan Rajan, who works as a bowel surgeon, tells people they can "sleep better" with the 10-3-2-1 method and then explains how it works.

Narrating his video on his @dr.karanrTikTok account, he says: "Ten hours before bed no more caffeine.

"This is how long it takes your body to clear it from the blood and eliminate its stimulatory effects.

He continues: "Three hours before bed avoid big meals – this helps avoid heartburn and interrupted sleep.

"Also avoid alcohol because this impairs your REM sleep.

"Two hours before bed no more work. This helps you get in a relaxed state of mind.

"One hour before bed, no screens. This means Netflix too!

"Blue light inhibits melatonin production which delays sleep."

The video has been watched more than half a million times since the doctor uploaded it on Sunday, August 1.

While many people said they would try to take the tips on board others admitted they would struggle to adjust lifestyles.

One user wrote: "The nights I can do this I definitely sleep better!

"But when I'm on night shifts it is impossible."

A second person joked: "No caffeine, no food, no work, no TV, you've just erased my entire life."

Someone else asked: "Honestly though, what am I supposed to do in the one hour before bed?

"I genuinely can't read books because my eyes are too tired."

Another person commented: "Nocturnal anxiety is real! I can't sleep without Calm [phone app]. The distracting ASMR quality helps to sedate me."

Dr Karan, who also has a YouTube channel, previously told people how to calculate their ideal bedtime and explained how much sleep most people need.

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