Does McDonald's offer oat milk in its restaurants?

ALTERNATIVE milk options are becoming increasingly popular – but does McDonald's offer these dairy free choices in its branches?

The number of vegans has roughly doubled every year since 2011, according to a recent report, and shoppers have seen a lot more dairy and meat-free choices in supermarkets and shops recently.

With recent research showing around a quarter of Brits like dairy alternatives with their coffee, with oat milk being the most popular choice, Maccies fans will want to know if it's available in stores.

We explain if you can order oat milk with your hot bevvie the next time you take a trip to Maccies.

Can you order oat milk at McDonald's?

McDonald's does offer oat milk in some countries.

The fast food chain announced on its Facebook page that it has launched the dairy alternative in participating branches across Australia earlier this week.

But McDonald's confirmed that oat milk is not being rolled out across UK branches.

That means that you'll either have to order your hot drinks with milk – or take them without.

Will McDonald's offer oat milk in the future?

It's not known if Maccies will offer oat milk on the menu in the future.

We've asked the chain for more information, and will update you when we know more.

Recently, it's launched some new vegan options to the menu.

The chain launched the McPlant in September, which is its first vegan burger.

The McPlant includes a Beyond Meat patty and vegan cheese topped with gherkins, tomato, lettuce, ketchup and a vegan burger sauce in a classic sesame seed bun.

The burger costs £3.49 or £4.89 as part of a meal with chips and a drink, in line with other McDonald's products.

Which other chains offer oat milk on the menu?

Although Maccies doesn't offer oat milk, plenty of other chains do.

Big coffee shops like Starbucks, Costa and Caffe Nero offer oat milk to customers.

It's best to check in with the chain you're planning to visit to see if they have oat milk in stock to avoid a wasted trip.

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Rival coffee chain Costa has also launched its Christmas menu and it includes Quality Street flavoured lattes.


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