Dog locked in hot car by owner as a ‘punishment’ left ‘fighting for his life’

RSPCA demonstrate danger of leaving dogs in hot cars in 2018

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Mouheb Ashakih was arrested and charged with cruelty to animals after a worried neighbour contacted the police on August 7. The concerned onlooker reportedly told the authorities that he saw the 58-year-old putting her pit bull in the vehicle with the doors locked and windows rolled up entirely.

According to a police report seen by the Sandusky Register, the poor pooch was left in the car for roughly 20 minutes before the distraught neighbour eventually called the police when temperatures reached 27 degrees Celsius.

The report says: “He stated he observed the dog tearing up the inside of the vehicle and it appeared he wanted out.

“He noticed all the windows were rolled up and he was concerned for the canine’s safety.

“He went over to the residence and spoke to Mouheb through her side window.

“He told her to let the dog out, to which she replied, ‘I don’t care. I want him to die.’”

Police then spoke to Ashakih, who allegedly informed officers that she put her dog, named Chapo, in the vehicle after it attacked one of the four other dogs she had inside her home.

An officer quickly rushed to her car – jumping over a fence to do so – before seeing the “either passed out or deceased” dog in the backseat.

The report added: “Mouheb began screaming upon observing her canine and begged us to break her car window.”

Police said that the dog was stiff and hot to the touch after being rescued from the car, with its paws cut and bleeding – leaving part of the vehicle covered in blood and suggesting that it was desperately trying to escape.

Speaking to the Sandusky Register, police chief Jared Oliver said: “The dog was fighting for his life inside this car.

“The dog struggled inside the car but he was overcome by the heat. It’s just terrible.”

Following Ashakih’s arrest, the Ohio woman was sent to Firelands Regional Medical Center for a mental evaluation after making several concerning statements.

Once cleared, the suspect was returned to her house where she gave permission for a dog warden to take her remaining pooches from the property.

Ashakih is expected to appear in court on Monday to face the charge.

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