Ellen Page, Kate Mara Strike Up Unlikely Bond in ‘My Days of Mercy’ Trailer

For Ellen Page and Kate Mara, teaming on the romantic drama “My Days of Mercy” was a chance for two friends to work together both on and off-screen. The film, which first premiered at 2017’s Toronto Film Festival, is opening in select theaters and on digital platforms July 5. A new trailer for the movie is debuting exclusively on Variety.

“My Days of Mercy” centers on Lucy (Page), the daughter of a man who is sitting on death row for the murder of his wife. While protesting the death penalty, Lucy strikes up a relationship with Mercy (Mara), despite having opposite stances on the matter. As their families struggle to accept their love, their relationship grows, opening up the opportunity for healing.

In an interview with Variety, Page said audiences will be able to relate to Lucy’s journey through pain and trauma.

“She begins in a space where she doesn’t know how to move forward in life. As you can imagine she’s dealing with a lot of trauma,” Page said. “The journey of this love growing shatters her open and brings beautiful things and difficult things. It’s a journey we all go on as people.”

Page, who is co-producing the movie with Mara, was drawn to the project because of the “compelling and captivating” script. It was inspired by a single paragraph in John Grishman’s book “An Innocent Man: Murder and Injustice in a Small Town.” Tali Shalom-Ezer directed the movie. 

“Working with my dear friend Kate in this capacity has been extraordinary — exploring this together and playing these characters together,” Page said. “The highlight was getting to make something with someone I really care about.”

Lionsgate is distributing “My Days of Mercy.” The film also stars Amy Seimetz (“Upstream Color”) Brian Geraghty (“The Hurt Locker”) and Elias Koetas (“The Thin Red Line”).

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