Experts reveal how to find the perfect hair cut to suit you face shape

Revealed: The perfect haircut for YOUR face shape – including the best updo for ‘squares’ and tricks for elongating ’rounds’

  • Experts have revealed best haircuts to suit different face shapes and hair texture 
  • Sam Burnett, founder of a London salon, unveiled guide for perfect haircut
  • From sweeping fringes to blunt bobs, breakdown of what to ask hairdressers for
  • Promises the cuts will highlight best features and avoid elements of surprise  

It’s a horrible feeling when you leave the hairdressers unhappy and surprised by a bad haircut.

But now stylists have revealed how to minimize the risk, by suggesting which haircuts which will highlight the best features on every face shape. 

Sam Burnett, Founder and Creative Director at salon HARE&BONE, in London, has unveiled his technique ‘Let’s Face It’, which allows him to study each client’s face to ensure they receive the perfect haircut to flatter their features.  

From sweeping fringes to blunt-cut bobs, Sam revealed the secrets behind his unique method to FEMAIL, in an effort to help clients find a style, cut and colour to suit them perfectly. 


If, like Jennifer Lopez, you have a Diamond shaped face, HARE&BONE recommend blunt, chin-length bobs which will frame your jawline and highlight cheekbones

Facial features: Prominent cheekbone with face narrowing towards the jawline and chin. 

Hairstyle to suit: A blunt chin-length bob will add width whilst layers to tuck behind your ears will frame your jawline and highlight cheekbones.

Celebrities with diamond faces: Jennifer Lopez and Ashley Greene.


Meanwhile those who have Long faces, such as Sarah Jessica Parker, may find structured lines will break up elongated features

Facial features: Defined jawline, narrower face and lower forehead. 

Hairstyle to suit: Structured lines will break up the elongated shape so think side partings or straight, fuller fringes sitting just above the eyebrow. 

Celebrities with long faces: Victoria Beckham or Sarah Jessica Parker. 


Long, curved fringes will highlight cheekbones for those who have Oval-shaped faces, such as actress Jessica Alba 

Facial features: Widest at the cheekbone and narrower through the forehad and jaw.

Hairstyle to suit: Your natural texture will highlight your best features. Long curved fringes for cheekbones or bobs cut to lip level to accentuate a gorgeous pout.

Celebrities with oval faces:Jessica Alba and Beyonce.


Round faces, such as actress Emma Stone’s, may find they suit deep side partings which will elongate features 

Facial features: Soft balanced features and a generally shorter face length.

Hairstyle to suit: Longer styles worn with a centre parting will narrow the face whilst deep side partings will help elongate it. 

Celebrities with round faces: Selena Gomez and Emma Stone.


Centre partings with loose, flat waves will suit those with Square, angular faces, like singer Rihanna  

Facial features: Angular face shape with chin and forehead lengths almost in equal measure. 

Hairstyle to suit: Loose styling is best. Try a centre parting and flat waves to narrow the face and create length. Half-up, half-down is also flattering.

Celebrities with square faces: Rihanna and Cameron Diaz.


Meanwhile actress Reese Witherspoon, who has a Heart shaped face, suits a blunt cut shoulder-length bob that fills out her jaw to create balance

Facial features: Longer and wider forehead with a more prominent jaw compared to Diamond. 

Hairstyle to suit: A blunt cut shoulder-length bob that’s fuller at the end will fill out the area around the chin creating more overall balance. 

Celebrities with heart faces: Reese Witherspoon and Sarah Hyland. 

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