Experts reveal Princess Beatrice has 'never looked better'

Motherhood suits her! Princess Beatrice is looking better than EVER with glowing skin and glossy locks just 5 weeks after giving birth – and can even slip back into her pre-pregnancy wardrobe

  • Princess Beatrice, 33, has been snapped on a few occasions since giving birth 
  • Stepped out in London this month, before travelling to Athens for wedding 
  • Royal stunned at the event, recycling a Gucci gown she first wore in 2018
  • Experts said the royal has ‘never looked better’ and ‘motherhood suits her’
  • Hairstylist Rick Walters told FEMAIL the royal’s hair was ‘as chic as ever’
  • Meanwhile beauty expert Amish Patel said her skin had ‘wonderful luminosity’ 
  • Welcomed first child Sienna with husband Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi in September 

A ‘radiant’ Princess Beatrice has ‘never looked better’ after welcoming her first child last month, experts have revealed. 

The Queen’s granddaughter, 33, has been spotted out and about on a handful of occasions since welcoming her first child Sienna with her husband Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi in September.

Last weekend, Beatrice looked stunning as she attended Prince Philippo’s wedding in Italy alongside her husband, recycling a Gucci dress she first wore in 2018.

It was a far cry from some of Beatrice’s past fashion choices, with the royal previously being criticised for her outrageous hate and unflattering frumpy clothes. 

Experts have now told FEMAIL how the royal has appeared ‘radiant’ on recent appearances, crediting her glowing skin, bouncy locks and trendy wardrobe.  

A ‘radiant’ Princess Beatrice has ‘never looked better’ after welcoming her first child last month, experts have revealed (pictured left, in 2008, and right, earlier this week at a royal wedding in Athens) 


Makeup artist Laura Kay said the 33-year-old appeared ‘more confident than ever’ and it reflected in her stunning makeup.

She revealed: ‘Princess Beatrice is oozing her post-pregnancy glow. She is looking as relaxed and confident as ever. 

‘She has a fresh glow about her with a sparkle in her bright eyes. Her happiness is shining through.

‘Her skin is dewy and radiant and she has a subtle tan which compliments perfectly against her hair.’

Meanwhile she said the royal had adopted a new style of makeup since welcoming daughter Sienna last month, adding: ‘With new “yummy mummy” style she has opted for translucent make-up to not make her new look too obvious to the eye. 

Makeup artist Laura Kay pointed out she has ‘overdone’ her makeup in the past (left in 2014) but now the 33-year-old appears ‘more confident than ever’ and it reflects in her stunning makeup (right)

‘To the untrained eye it might be difficult to pin point what exactly her beauty secrets are.’

Laura continued: ‘Princess Beatrice looks every inch a Princess and her style is a nod to fairytale Princesses with her sparkle accessories, fresh youthful lip and eye make-up and pinned back hair.

‘Her eye makeup helps her achieve a big eyed look and she has very delicately used black eyeliner and a brush of smokey powder on her lip.

‘Her lip is creamy with only a hint of pink colour to enhance her natural beauty. 

‘She has finished off her look with a cream highlighter to illuminate her features. This is a very strategic ‘undone look’ by Princess Beatrice.’

She added: ‘She has overdone her make up in the past which has not done her any favours, yet with her new look, she appears more youthful as ever’. 

Laura said the royal’s radiant makeup was ‘a nod to fairytale Princesses’ with a ‘fresh youthful lip and eye make-up’


Meanwhile beauty experts also revealed how the new mother appeared to be ‘glowing’ on recent outings in London and Athens.  

Amish Patel, Intrigue Comestic Clinic, said: ‘Beatrice looks radiant and has a wonderful luminosity to her skin.

‘I’m sure that following a healthy diet is a key focus for her, now more than ever, especially as a new mother. 

‘Eating the right diet is undoubtedly reflected in her glowing complexion.’  

‘I doubt Beatrice has had any aesthetic work due to pregnancy and the possibility of nursing, so I would suggest that she is embracing a tailored skincare regime incorporating professional skincare products which cleanse, rejuvenate and hydrate the skin.

Meanwhile beauty experts also revealed how the new mother appeared to be ‘glowing’ on recent outings in London and Athens (left, earlier this month, and right)

‘Looking at her skin texture, I would say that Beatrice is probably using a hyaluronic acid moisturiser and possibly a form of retinol to renew and restore.’

Meanwhile Lucy Williams, Aesthetic Nurse practitioner at Aurielle Aesthetics agreed, saying: ‘Princess Beatrice looks absolutely glowing post giving birth to her first child.

‘Her skin looks super fresh and smooth and her cheeks bones are full of definition giving her a really fresh all round glowy look.’

She continued: ‘Beatrice’s hormones level may not of settled yet post pregnancy and some research suggests that the changes to our skin can be permanent.

‘Some of the changes include more oil production giving us a shinier glower look to skin.

‘Hyaluronic acid is a key product in keeping the skin hydrated and adding natural volume within the face. It holds 1000 times its weight in water naturally hydrating and the skin giving it a refreshed and glowy look.’ 


Meanwhile Ricky Walters, director of SALON64, said Princess Beatrice has ‘never looked better’ and said it was all down to the royal’s change in hairstyle

Meanwhile Ricky Walters, director of SALON64, said Princess Beatrice has ‘never looked better’ and said it was all down to the royal’s change in hairstyle. 

‘From the glossy multi-tonal warm colour with max shine, to the loose lived-in waves, her hair is certainly keeping this princess looking as chic as ever.

‘This style created using a medium curling iron. Taking section of hair and curling all in the same direction and left to cool and set. Finally brushed out using a large rake to give an undone Boho Princess vibe!

‘To add a touch of glam, the princess has opted to pin half her hair back and back combed the crown to add some height. Something that truly compliments her face shape.’

He added: ‘Gone are the days when royals have to look mumsy, boring and un-inspiring. 

‘The new generation of royal family are making a statement choosing looks with attitude and presence. It’s a royal hair revolution and I for one LOVE IT.’


The Duke and Duchess of York’s daughter cut an elegant figure as she arrived at the lavish wedding of  Prince Philippos of Greece, the godson of Princess Diana and the Duke of Edinburgh, with Nina Flohr, the daughter of a billionaire, in Athens at the weekend.  

Nina is good friends with Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi, Princess Beatrice’s husband.

Beatrice looked stunning in a Gucci dress which features a cream top and a black satin skirt, accessorised with a bow. 

The gown was first worn by the new mother in 2018, years before she fell pregnant.  

Beatrice stepped out for a wedding in Athens earlier this week, recycling a gown  she had first worn by the new mother in 2018, years before she fell pregnant (pictured left, in 2018 and right, at the weekend)  

It comes as Sarah Ferguson called Princess Beatrice and Eugenie ‘phenomenal mothers’ in an interview.

The Duchess of York, 61, fawned over her children while speaking to Hello magazine, revealing: ‘My children are phenomenal mothers. They were great children but now they’re phenomenal mothers. And now, I have these two exceptional grandchildren all in one year.’

Meanwhile she said her seven-month-old grandson August has started ‘smiling at her’ and appears to find her ‘genuinely funny.’

She added: ‘It’s so funny because when August smiles at me now, because he’s seven and a half months, you actually know he genuinely likes you. 

‘It’s not a put-on smile, he genuinely finds me very funny which is quite lucky.’ 

Beatrice, who is ninth in line to the throne, is the only princess in the British royal family to marry someone with children and take on a stepchild.

Her property tycoon husband shares a young son, two-year-old Christopher ‘Wolfie’ Woolf, with his glamorous former fiancée of three-and-a-half years, Dara Huang.

The Queen ‘s granddaughter described her role as a stepmother to Edo’s son Wolfie, five, calling him her ‘bonus son’ during an interview with author Giovanna Fletcher for Hello!’s Back to School digital issue. 

Sarah Ferguson has called Princess Beatrice and Eugenie ‘phenomenal mothers’ as she gushed over her two daughters in a new interview

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