Fed-up mum slammed for complaining her husband ignores her calls

Fed-up wife is accused of being ‘unfair and needy’ after complaining that her husband ignores her texts at work drinks: ‘He doesn’t respond for hours’

  • Dozens divided over mum’s conundrum
  • Her husband ignores her at work drinks
  • She asked if she was ‘overreacting’ 

A mum has been slammed as needy after she complained about her husband ignoring her calls and messages when he goes out for works drinks. 

The Australian woman said her husband is in management and will go out with his team and coworkers for five hours at a time every four or six weeks. 

She said she is ‘at her wit’s end’ as her partner ‘disappears off the face of the earth’ when he is out for drinks as he doesn’t answers her calls or texts.

Venting anonymously in an online post, the wife said the behaviour is causing her to lose trust in him despite being an ‘attentive father and husband’ and asked if she was overreacting. 

Many hit back at the ‘demanding’ woman for over-thinking her husband going to work drinks and defended the man for wanting to ‘let off some steam’. 

However not everyone was convinced the man wasn’t up to no good saying they were sceptical he could go five hours without looking at their phone. 

An Australian mum complained her husband ‘drops off the face of the earth’ and ignores her calls and texts for five hours when he’s out for drinks with his colleagues

‘Am I overreacting when I get furious that my husband disappears off the face of the Earth when he goes to work events/dinners/drinks?’ she asked.

‘This happens say once every four-six weeks and I’m just at my wit’s end. He always has an excuse – reception was bad, I was too busy talking to the team, I didn’t see/hear the call/message.’

She explained she was ‘so annoyed’ after her partner didn’t view or respond to any of her texts or calls when he took his team out for five hours. 

‘Other than these events he is generally an attentive father and husband and does his best to spend time with the family,’ she said. 

‘But this really puts me off and it starts making me lose trust in him, especially because we’re not as frequently intimate as before – too many kids, tiring jobs and just life gets in the way.’

The mum asked whether she was ‘overreacting’ and for advice on what she could do to instigate change.    

‘I don’t want to feel this way every time he goes out. And I don’t try to stop him from going,’ she said.

She said she is losing trust in her husband who gives her excuses as to why he didn’t respond to her messages for hours while out at work functions

‘All I ask is that he let’s me know roughly when he’ll be back, and not disappear…is that too much to ask?’ 

The frustrated wife’s query drew in a flurry of comments from people telling her to leave her husband be while he’s out enjoying himself. 

‘He may be letting off steam. If those events were taken away, would he be as good a father?’ one woman asked. 

‘Why do you need to know where he is when you already know he is out? I think you are overthinking and overreacting, yes….Let him be, let him do his job because if there is zero trust, there is zero relationship and it is the biggest turn off for any male,’ a second replied.

‘TBH sounds like you have trust issues in this relationship. You can’t get him to do anything he isn’t willing/wanting to do. Maybe seek therapy/couples counselling,’ a third agreed. 


Is the mum overreacting to her husband not answering his phone at work drinks?

Is the mum overreacting to her husband not answering his phone at work drinks?

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Someone pointed out the husband looking at his phone during work events could be deemed as ‘unprofessional’ by his colleagues. 

‘A lot of people don’t check their phones when they are out. Does he check his phone if he’s out alone with you?’ they asked. 

‘If you were expecting him to be out that long, maybe just let him be. It’s healthy to get away from your usual environment, especially if you have kids.’ 

‘My partner drops off the face of the earth when he goes to conferences etc. But I trust my partner 100 per cent. If you don’t trust your partner you need to talk to him when he’s home,’ another chimed in. 

However many women sided with the mum and encouraged her to ‘trust her gut instinct’.

‘Ask him why he is always non-contactable. In this day and age phones are lifelines and don’t accept the excuses of not hearing our out of reception. Most people check their phones regularly when they are out,’ one member said. 

‘Five hours is a long time to not quickly glance at your phone, especially given that he has a young family. What happens in the case of an emergency? I think it’s important to be contactable,’ someone else explained. 

‘Is it more about you resenting that he can go out and just switch off for that long when as a mum it is often not possible even if we wanted to?’ a third asked. 

‘That’s how I’d feel, a long lunch for half the day with no contact or concern about my family just wouldn’t happen and that’s why it would bother me if my husband was doing it semi regularly.’ 

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