Festival-goers hurt in ‘stampede’ after three-hour queues at ‘shambolic’ event

Festival -goers "collapsed" as they waited in huge queues while crowds pushed through security gates in shocking scenes, it is claimed.

Thousands reportedly swarmed the We Are FSTVL in Upminster, east London, causing injuries, with some even "fearing for their lives".

Chaos first broke out yesterday while guests say they were left waiting in three-hour long queues at the entrance gates.

Panicked music fans who were allegedly dehydrated and feared being crushed then burst past security into the site.

Shocking footage and photos shared on social media show people pushing down barriers as staff try to control them.

Ticket holders in the queues reportedly complained that they had been standing for hours to get in because organisers ran out of wristbands to let them in.

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Saturday's line up for the event included acts such as Bugzy Malone, CamelPhat and Chase and Status.

But some festival-goers say they were unable to enter the site which caused them to either leave or run past security.

A family member of a festival goer said: "My sister was attending the WeRfestival and upon arrival and was at the barrier when a stampede happened and she said she thought she was going to die from being crushed under lots of people.

"It was by luck a man got her out and saved her. But her leg was left with a gaping hole which needed stitching.

"Then a second stampede happened and more people are being brought into medical.

"She said the security was terrible, there was no controls of the situation whatsoever.

"She is traumatised over the event. The place needs shutting down."

Lewis Mitchell, 26, of Southampton, shared a photo of his legs that had been cut and bruised after he was injured in the crush.

He said: "If we could avoid a 3 hour queue in the blazing heat and a stampede I ended up in the bottom of, that would be fantastic today, before you kill someone."

Renardo Henry, 21, who travelled from Birmingham for the festival told the BBC : "We were in the queue, four people had collapsed around us, people were throwing up and shouting for medics, all the staff were doing was throwing water bottles into the crowd of people."

"Everyone at the back of us was just pushing towards us.

"I turned around to see my friends getting crushed by other people. People were coming out of there crawling and crying because they'd been trampled on."

Twitter user @Roshpayne1 posted: "An absolute disaster and a waste of everyone's time!

"It was so dangerous and there was no police or security to manage that supposed ‘VIP’ queue?! Everyone was apparently VIP."

JJ Bray added: " WeAreFestival what a load of rubbish waiting in this line for two hours like sardines sweaty, dehydrated and you call this VIP!"

Some guests left the festival site soon after the rush and were taken out into a car park by staff.

Mirror Online has contacted We Are FSTVL for a comment.

However, the festival did put out a statement on their Twitter offering an apology for those that experienced delays.

Organisers said: "We apologise for the delay in getting in, but can assure you we are doing this as fast and safely as possible."

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