Flights to Hawaii from the US have dropped to $337 for a round-trip

IF you fancy a trip to Hawaii, now's a great time to book as there are loads of cheap deals available online.

At the moment you can pick up a round trip from the US to Hawaii for less than $400 from November through to March.

Most of the best prices are flying from the West Coast, but there are some East Coast bargains to be had as well.

We looked at flights in the second week in January, smack bang in the middle of Hawaii's peak season, and here are some of the best deals we could find on Google Flights:

Flying from Las Vegas

  • Las Vegas to Honolulu – $448 – no stops – Hawaiian Airlines
  • Las Vegas to Kona – $442.61 – one stop – Delta Airlines
  • Las Vegas to Kauai – $459.60 – one stop – Delta Airlines

Flying from Los Angeles

  • LA to Honolulu – $387.19 – no stops – United
  • LA to Kona – $372.21 – no stops – Delta Airlines
  • LA to Maui – $357.20 – no stops – Hawaiin Airlines
  • LA to Kauai – $395.19 – no stops – Delta Airlines

Flying from New York

  • New York to Honolulu – $566.59 – one stop – Alaska Air
  • New York to Kona – $604.14 – one stop – Alaska Air
  • New York to Kauai – $578.60 – one stop – American Airlines

Flying from Portland

  • Portland to Honolulu – $337.20 – no stops –
  • Portland to Kona- $326.60 – one stop – Delta Airlines
  • Portland to Kauai – $381.91 – one stop – Alaska Air

Flying from San Francisco

  • San Francisco to Honolulu – $358 – no stops – Hawaiian Airlines
  • San Francisco to Kona – $337.20 – no stops – United
  • San Francisco to Kauai – $388 – one stop – Hawaiian Airlines

Flying from Seattle

  • Seattle to Honolulu – $423 – no stops – Hawaiian Airlines
  • Seattle to Kona – $434.80 – one stop – United
  • Seattle to Kauai – $389.21 – no stops – Alaska

If you search on Google Flights, the engine tells you whether they are cheaper than usual or not.

Throughout the peak season in Hawaii we could find flights that were less expensive than you would expect to pay for the time of year.

Last year, research from found that you could expect to pay around $800 for a peak flight from L.A. to Honolulu, whereas this year we have found flights for under $400.

NYC to Honolulu usually sets you back around $1,100, but you can book them at the moment for under $600.

It's worth checking other comparison sites such as Skyscanner and Kayak too to find the best deal.

You'll also want to check terms and conditions carefully as lots of the cheapest flights we've found were basic economy deals meaning you don't get baggage and you can't reserve your seat.

If you're a heavy packer or you need a lot of legroom, it might be more cost effective to go for a slightly more expensive flight with extras included than to add them on after.

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