'Game of Thrones' Fans Think Daenerys' Dragons Have a Huge Secret

Of all the characters that have been through it on this season of Game of Thrones, Daenerys’ dragons are right up there. Not only did one of them get murdered by the Night King and turned into a blue-fire-breathing zombie at the end of last season, this week [ahem, SPOILERS AHEAD] Euron’s fleet attacked and killed our buddy Rhaegal. Meaning, the only reptilian child Dany has left in this world is Drogon. Or is it? Dun dun dun.

A new slightly reach-y but nevertheless incredible Game of Thrones theory just surfaced that there’s a fleet of baby dragons lurking around Westeros and we haven’t even seen them yet. If your reaction to this is “GTFO and let me mourn Rhaegal’s death in peace,” I get it. But the theory is actually pretty compelling, and focuses on Drogon’s extended departure in the show’s fifth season.

If this is true (and that’s a big if), it could explain the look of shocked horror on Euron’s face as he peers at the skies in the trailer for next week’s episode:

Of course there’s the fact that Drogon is male to consider, but the theory claims that Septon Barth believed that dragons had “no sex defined,” a point that Maester Aemon agreed with. Also, apparently the only way to truly know the “sex of a dragon” (halp) is if it lays eggs—and they’re often assumed to be male as a result. In other words: this theory might just have legs.

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