Gemma Atkinson shares results of dental work as fans praise her ‘incredible’ new smile

Gemma Atkinsonhas debuted a smile transformation after undergoing nine months of Invisalign and additional composite bonding.

The former Hollyoaks and Strictly Come Dancing star shared a before-and-after snap of her new gnashers to herInstagramStories, telling fans that the treatment has “made a big difference” to her smile.

“Completely forgot to post the before & afters of my Invisalign journey. I did 9 months in total & only subtle changes I know, but a big difference to my smile,” she writes. “Totally worth it for me. I told @dr.ansar I wanted them to still look natural and I still have my own teeth to suit my face.”

Since unveiling her new look, Gemma has been flocked with questions in her DMs about her dental work, with many enquiring about the process.

The actress shares a screenshot of a private conversation with a follower, where they asked if she’d had composite bonding done in addition to her Invisalign treatment.

“Have you had bonding as well? They look so incredible and so natural,” they ask.

“Yeh. He did composite bonding on the front ones and I had whitening trays too to sleep in,” Gemma replies, adding: “Lots of Q’s about teeth. I won’t bore you with them as I’m not the professional. @dr.ansar can share it all for anyone interested.”

If, like Gemma, you’re looking for a straighter, more balanced smile without the need for veneers, Invisalign may just be the treatment for you. The process involves wearing custom-made clear aligners that gently pull your teeth in the proper position over time, fixing crookedness and overcrowding. Not only are the aligners more comfortable than metal braces, they’re also virtually undetectable.

After completing her nine month course, Gemma also decided to opt for composite bonding to perfect her pearly whites – but what exactly is this treatment?

“Just like contouring makeup can be used to define, enhance and sculpt the face, composite bonding sculpts our teeth to create an enhanced, more balanced smile,” explains Dr Safa Al-Naher, clinical lead at London’s Care Dental Clinic.

“To do this, I attach a resin material to my patient’s tooth and mould and shape it until their smile looks uniform and even. I then harden the composite with UV light, resulting in hardened and even-looking teeth.”

To put the finishing touches to her new smile, the actress also whitened her teeth using at-home trays and professional gel provided by her dentist.

We have to agree with Gemma’s fans, her teeth look amazing.

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