Harry looks like he still wants to be part of Firm in new clip

Prince Harry calls for nominations for the 2023 WellChild Awards

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Prince Harry has been silent since the release of his tell-all memoir, Spare – until now. Yesterday, February 7, the royal appeared in a short film released by charity WellChild. The Prince has been patron for WellChild for 15 years.

In the short, 90-second clip, Harry spoke to the camera, urging people to nominate their loved ones for an award with the charity.

Providing a link for the public to nominate someone of their choosing, WellChild posted the video on its Twitter, along with the caption: “Our Patron Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex, joins the call for nominations for the 2023 WellChild Awards.”

In the clip, Harry said: “For children and people with complex medical needs, WellChild provides access to high-quality care services and the opportunity to thrive at home alongside their families.”

He added that the charity “provides a network of support for families who are facing countless medical, logistical and mental health challenges”.

It is understood that Harry filmed the clip last month, from his home in Montecito, California.

However, body language expert Judi James noted that, while watching the clip, nobody who didn’t know Harry would be able to tell he lives in the US.

She said: “Harry’s body language and delivery in this promotional video makes it almost seem as though the past few years never happened.

“In his plain shirt and with no trace of his US accent, he is very much the Prince here, delivering his message in a very simple way that lacks the lecturing or guru style of some of his more recent performances.”

Judi continued: “The slight pumping of the arms against the torso and the subtle hand gestures, as well as the trait of tilting the head to the side, almost seem to mirror Kate’s body language when she promotes her own children’s causes.”

Kate, Princess of Wales, has recently been seen in multiple video clips promoting her campaign Shaping Us, which aims to promote the development of children.

The body language expert said: “It registers contagious enthusiasm that is partly internalised.

“The only difference from Harry is his motivational finger-point to camera to encourage viewers to get involved.

“Harry even copies Kate’s trait of a slight tightening of the lips to create a rather regal sound.”

Judi added that “it’s interesting that after the publication of his book Spare – which will have risked alienating him further from the royals – Harry put in one of his most royal performances here, mirroring the more regal, British body language as though he still wants to be seen as a valuable part of the Firm”.

Discussing the cost-of-living crisis, Harry said in the video that the current climate “adds tremendous pressure in caring for the children who are dependent on life-saving equipment”.

Paying special tribute to carers and health professionals who also work closely with families supported by WellChild, he continued: “I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the carers and health professionals, doctors, nurses, teachers and play specialists and many many more who are part of the WellChild family as well.

“They deliver life-changing support each and everyday.”

In September 2022, Prince Harry was forced to miss the WellChild Awards ceremony in London, following the late Queen’s death.

The Duke of Sussex was set to deliver a speech at the event, with Meghan also due to attend to support her husband.

The couple kept a close relationship with the charity, despite leaving the UK in 2020.

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