Hero dogs who were abused get a new chance at life with loving owners

Heroes with four paws! Rescue dogs who survived horrific situations to become support pets compete in SuperDog Awards – including one who gives woman who lost her father and daughter a ‘reason to get up every day’

  • SuperDog Awards in November will honour some of UK’s most incredible pets 
  • Molly surived hot oil attack in Thailand and now supports bereaved owner 
  • Patch supports Laura Paramore, 38, from South Yorkshire who lost her daughter
  •  Ocho assists his owner Chloë Hammond, 29, who uses a wheelchair

Meet the pets that prove dogs aren’t just man’s best friend – they can also be our saviours.

A handful of pooches are being honoured as ‘super dogs’ after being rescued from horrific situations and going on to thrive in their forever homes in the UK.

Despite facing disturbing conditions at the hands of humans – including having hot oil thrown at them, being bred despite risks of complications, starved and beaten – the dogs are still incredibly loving. 

And although they were rescued, they are now rescuing their owners right back – helping them navigate life with physical disabilities to mental health issues

Meet Ocho, Molly, Govenor and Patch – the pets proving yet again that the world is not worthy of dogs. 

Ocho, Molly, Grovenor and Patch are so special they are competing in the SuperDog Awards later this year, on 9 November, after being nominated for their efforts. 

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Molly’s traumatising early life as a street dog in Thailand has taken years of love and training to overcome.

The seven-year-old dog had hot oil thrown over her and suffered horrific burns as a result, while living on the streets and just trying to survive.

Since being saved by Soi Dog rescue, she now has a loving home in the UK – where her owner credits her with rescuing her own life and helping her fight depression following the loss of her mother.

Her owner Yvonne Porter said: ‘Molly was on the streets of Thailand when she had hot oil thrown over her. 

Molly (above) was rescued and rehomed by Thai  charity, Soi Dog rescue, after being cruelly attacked with hot oil

Molly (second right) after being rescued in Thailand. Despite the violent attack she suffered, she still has a sweet, gentle disposition

‘When she came to the UK she was so scared it has taken years of hard work to make her the loving dog she is.

‘Everyone loves her, she is so gentle.

‘When I adopted her I was suffering from depression after losing my mum, so all my focus was on Molly. So she rescued me too.’

Molly was nominated to compete  in the SuperDog Awards later this year as a result of her amazing recovery and rescuing her owner, Yvonne Porter. Pictured: Molly in Thailand after being rescued by Soi Dog rescue


Three-year-old Patch was bred despite his parents both having the dominant merle gene, which can cause around a quarter of ‘double merle’ puppies to be either deaf and blind, or both in some cases.

Unfortunately, the dog was born with a heart murmur and was forced to have an eye removed last year but that won’t stop him from living life to the fullest.

And he’s a hero – with owner Laura Paramore, who lost her daughter and father, saying he is her ‘reason to get up in the morning’. 

Patch has microphthalmia, which means his eyes are too small, as well as a grade 3 heart murmur and epilepsy

Patch helps Laura deal with PTSD and anxiety, as well as fits caused by a brain tumour. 

In addition to showering her with love, he keeps an eye on her health – and will lay down by Laura’s side alerting her when she’s about to have a fit.

‘Patch wasn’t breathing when he was born and I saved him,’ Laura, 38, from Kimberworth in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, explained.

Patch accompanied her owner, Laura, to the funeral of her father and daughter, and continues to help with her PTSD

Patch knows when owner Laura is feeling down, he will come and kiss her, smile, then put his paws around her. Pictured: Patch when he was a puppy

‘His eyes didn’t open so we took him to the vets and they prized them open and I was told he was blind.’

‘Patch has microphthalmia, which means his eyes are too small, as well as a grade 3 heart murmur and epilepsy.’

‘Last September he almost died when he had to have an eye removed as it was so damaged.’

Patch is now an agility and show dog who takes part in sponsored walks with his owner

‘Patch is my support and alert dog.’

‘I have PTSD and really bad anxiety but Patch knows when I’m down, he will come and kiss me smiles then puts his paws around me.’

‘He goes everywhere with me and he is the reason I’m still here today. He’s the reason I get up in the morning.’

‘Patch has helped me cope with the loss of my dad and my baby girl. He even came to the funeral with me.’

‘Words can’t express how much he means to me.’

‘It doesn’t bear thinking about where I would be if Patch wasn’t my dog, he is my life.’

Now an agility and show dog who takes part in sponsored walks with his owner, there is no doubt that Patch deserves his place on this list of super dogs.


The details of four-year-old German Shepherd Govenor’s early life before he was rescued in Ireland are unknown, but when he arrived to live with his new owner, the 11-month-old pup was underweight and ‘afraid of his own shadow’.

Through years of care and affection, the dog is now a confident boy, who works as owner Angel King’s ‘balance aid and cuddle monster’, helping her navigate through life as a wheelchair user.

He has also helped foster 14 more dogs into loving homes, with each having suffered a traumatic start in life.

Govenor (pictured) went from cowering to confident after moving into a loving home with owner, Angel King

‘When he arrived, he was underweight, with no real training and smelt bad,’ Angel, 53, from Martock, Somerset, told Jam Press.

‘His coat was in a horrible condition and he was scared of his own shadow.’

‘This was the first dog I had to train from my wheelchair.’

‘Also, because I needed him to pick things up there was a lot of chasing him when he picked up my shoes or hairbrush.’

‘Training him to get out my front door due to my chair was a carefully mastered manoeuvre. But he got it within a week.’

Despite the responsibility of helping his disabled owner, Govenor was a quick learner when it came to picking up instructions 

Despite his rough start in life, Govenor is thriving and is a very good boy

‘Next came walking by my chair and teaching him the left and right turns.’

‘This took only days and I only almost ran him over a couple of times!’

‘Now he’s my balance aid, my cuddle monster and stays by my side when bedridden.’

Owner, Angel, considers Govener to be a fully-fledged family member saying, ‘he’s not just a dog’

‘He picks things up and places them in my hand so I don’t have to struggle.’

‘Life without Govenor would mean I wouldn’t get out as much, as he gives me the confidence.’

‘Being in a wheelchair affects the way you feel as far as safety goes.’

Despite his rough start in life, Govenor is thriving and is a very good boy.

Angel said: ‘He definitely loves people and children. He is such a gentle loving boy.’

‘Govenor totally loves his tennis ball, which means I have to buy in bulk due to him popping them when he catches them.’

‘He is a great advocate for his breed and the fact that rescue dogs deserve a chance and have value too.’

‘He is a massive part of my life, he’s not just a dog – he’s family.’


Ocho is a bit different from the other three dogs, because he is the only one who hasn’t suffered tragedy of his own – but has earned a spot on the list for saving his owner’s life.

Even at his young age, the dog already goes to work to assist his owner Chloë Hammond, 29, who uses a wheelchair and works as a nurse, making a ‘huge difference’ to her independence and confidence. 

After waiting for an assistance dog for three years, Chloë Hammond found Ocho when he chose her as his owner

‘I had been trying to get onto a waiting list for a wheelchair assistance dog for three years,’ Owner Chloë Hammond, 29, from Weston-super-Mare, explained. 

‘The lists were always closed. Then a litter of half working dog and half pet came up for sale in my area, I had to have one.’

‘I went and visited the litter and he chose me. He was the calmest and sat on my lap.’

‘I fell in love with him instantly.’

Chloë and Ocho’s special bond helps him stay alert to her needs and support her during her important work

‘He came home with me at eight weeks and I immediately signed him up for puppy classes, puppy socialisation and the full 20-month owner trained assistance dog training program.’

‘I work as a nurse but doing this and being a wheelchair user is becoming harder and harder, especially as my mobility and needs change.’

‘Ocho will enable me to continue being a nurse and therefore continue helping others.’

‘I actually got a promotion after getting Ocho.’

‘I have become a clinical lead and I’m well on the way to one day being a nursing home manager.’

Ocho is always there to look out for Chloë as using a wheelchair becomes harder for Chloë and her needs and mobility change

‘Thanks to Ocho I now know my dreams are achievable despite being disabled.’

‘With Ocho I think I can help inspire and encourage other people with disabilities to never give up.’

All dogs are good girls and boys – and they deserve to be rewarded.

Ocho, Molly, Grovenor and Patch are so special they are competing in the SuperDog Awards later this year, on 9 November, after being nominated for their efforts.

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