Hilarious video of baby urinating during baptism goes viral

‘Who is baptising who?’ Hilarious moment baby boy starts urinating during christening – and narrowly misses the priest!

  • Demetri Lymberatos, 35, a pharmacist from New York, filmed his son’s baptism
  • The baby, seven-month-old son Jonathan, started to pee when held by priest
  • Demetri and his wife Melina both collapsed into fits of laughter at their son
  • The father said scene his son made was ‘surreal – like a mini exorcist episode’ 

The hilarious moment a baby urinated during a baptism has gone viral – with Instagram viewers joking the tot was the one christening the priest.

Demetri Lymberatos, 35, from New York, was filming his seven-month-old son Jonathan’s baptism last Saturday when the sweet clip took an unexpected turn.

Just as an official at the Greek church held a naked Jonathan up next to the font – during the ceremony the baby is fully submerged in holy water, and only dressed afterwards – the tot started to urinate. 

The pee squirting upwards and almost catching the priest.

Demetri and his wife Melina both collapsed into fits of laughter, while onlookers giggled at the display.

‘Baby Jonathan literally p***ed on the priest,’ Demetri said. 

‘Everyone laughed because the scene was surreal – like a mini exorcist episode.’

What makes the scene even more hilarious is that in the Greek church, baptism is considered one of the most important days of the young person’s life, as it signifies the true beginning of their life as a Christian. 

Jonathan urinating was extremely inopportune  – as during the ceremony, the priest asks the person being christened (or their godparent if appropriate) to renounce Satan.   

Demetri continued: ‘I had to stay still and couldn’t even do anything because in my palm we had the holy oil and water.’  

Dad Demetri Lymberatos, from New York, and his seven-month-old  Jonathan during the baptism

Onlookers are shocked to see the baby start to urinate while being christened by the priest during the ceremony

Members of the congregation can be seen bursting into peels of laughter as the baby’s stream of urine makes a large upward arc

Father Demetri described the scene as ‘surreal’, saying it was ‘like a mini exorcist episode’ as it happened as the priest held the baby up to the holy water

Demetri burst into a fit of giggles at the situation, while his wife Melina looked on smiling as were both unable to do anything because they were holding holy oil and water in their hands

As parents Demetri and Melina look on as the priest baptises their baby, an onlooker can be seen in the backgrounding filming the hilarious scene

Other parents took to social media to describe how their children did the same thing during their baptisms too

After the baptism, as per tradition, Jonathan was dressed in a white outfit, while his godparents Marina and Ed lit candles for him, and walked around the baptismal font three times.

The ceremony normally concludes with a scripture reading, all of which apparently went off without a hitch, following Jonathan’s earlier transgression.  

The clip went viral on Instagram, racking up more than 13,000 likes and leaving viewers in hysterics.   

One person joked: ‘Priest: ‘Who’s baptising who, here?’ 

‘You sprinkle me, I’m gonna sprinkle you,’ another user added. [sic]

Someone else quipped: ‘Baby was just baptising back.’

A family affair: Marina (godparent), Demitri (father), Melina (mum) and Ed (godparent) during the baptism

Parents Melina and Demitri with Jonathan during the baptism. At this point, they had no ideas that their son Jonathan’s antics were set to get viral

Demetri Lymberatos, 35, a pharmacist from New York, said his son ‘literally peed all over the priest’

Social media users found the clip hilarious – with some sharing their own stories of baptisms and how they had gone wrong

Other viewers shared their own similar tales.

One person said: ‘I was speaking when I got baptised, so when they went to submerge me I said, “But Mommy, I already had a bath”.’

‘My daughter did that at her baptism! Hahaha it didn’t spray obviously but yep, she peed all over my sister-in-law. Gotta love the orthodox baptisms,’ another person commented. [sic]

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