Homeless pregnant couple living in Travelodge with little money fear for baby

A homeless couple who have been living in a Travelodge fear they'll lose their baby as they can barely afford to eat and have no idea when or where they will be housed.

Sarah Niven, 21, and boyfriend Paul Bradbury, 27, are expecting their first child in just 11 weeks but they are being moved around various hotels with very little money.

The distressed pair say they suffer sleepless nights and that their situation is affecting their mental health.

Sarah, who is six months pregnant, claims she has gone hungry for days.

She is worried she won't be able to keep her baby if they can't find anywhere to live, the Liverpool Echo reports.

Liverpool City Council have been providing the couple with temporary accommodation in hotels while they find a suitable home for the pair, who were made homeless last month.

Speaking to the ECHO the devastated 21-year-old, from Belle Vale, said: "I'm so stressed. It's dawning on me, what if they don't place us and they try to take my baby off me.

"This was an unexpected pregnancy. We were not prepared but we are trying to do our best. We have got all the baby stuff ready.

"I cry because I just can't deal with it. I have been all day without eating."

Sarah and boyfriend Paul said they were both forced to leave their parents' homes in April after a family breakdown and have no one else to turn to for help.

The pair's only income is payments from Universal Credit and although they have been provided with food bank vouchers many of the hotels they have been staying in don't have kitchen facilities to cook in.

Paul, from Fazakerly , said: "It's a really stressful time, we are crying most nights.

"It's the feeling of not knowing where you are going. It's horrible. We have been in five hotels now for a month.

"They are not giving us an area or saying where we are going to go next or how long we will stay in the next one. We are still classed as homeless.

"They helped us out with foodbank vouchers but in this hotel there is no kitchen.

"It's effecting her mental health and my mental health. We just want to be housed. I just want to live my life with her."

Sarah and Paul had been staying in a small room in the Stoneycroft Travel Lodge but this came to an end on Friday May 3.

It is understood issues have been raised about some of the couple's behaviour and the state of the rooms in some of the hotels they have stayed in over the last month.

This and a lack of availability in hotels has played a part in having to move the couple around.

As late as Wednesday 2nd May – just two days before they were due to leave the Stoneycfort Travel Lodge, the couple had no idea where they would be moved to next and feared they would be left on the streets.

In a desperate plea to the council, Paul insisted they would never deliberately trash a hotel room and asked the council  for sympathy.

He said: "Please don't give up on us I have a six month pregnant girl here and I'm now worrying what will happen to us."

A council spokesman said: “We can’t comment in detail on individual cases due to confidentiality, but we can confirm we are working with this couple to find them alternative temporary accommodation and aim to secure them a tenancy in social or private rented accommodation in the near future.”

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