Horoscopes today – Russell Grants star sign forecast for January 28

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A person in power who resigned or was voted out some months before will make a dramatic come-back. Documents or records have been destroyed and whether this was deliberately or by mistake, it will make it harder for you to discover the truth about a past incident.


It can, at times, be difficult to decide which to attend to first: home, study or career commitments. Your interest in learning something new will open up an unexpected avenue of exploration. You could find yourself drawn toward a spiritual tradition as you start to delve beneath the surface.


There are great challenges in knowing and understanding what is happening in the family when an older relative is restricting what information is shared. Finding out what is going on will be hard but not impossible if you find the right person to talk to.


Talking about your feelings is a great way to get something off your chest but you could alienate someone if you share too much. If a close friend is encouraging you to say more, it could be because they feel it is their duty to listen. Know when to change the subject.


You could be inspired by a workmate’s excitement for a new project if you felt it was achievable. As it is, you might feel their expectations are unrealistic and you don’t want to end up wasting your time and resources on someone else’s idea. Especially when this distracts you from your own work.


A number of things are being planned and this suggests you aren’t likely to have a dull moment. You seem to be the person everyone is going to because you can see where the best opportunities happen to be and you’re looking at the world through a practical lens.


Someone is reaching out, wondering why no-one seems to be listening to them. Even if you disagree, you might still find a way to help them feel special. They need to know they have someone they can turn to whenever they are feeling low, for support, advice.


Don’t worry about what other people are doing, thinking or saying. It’s a day to live in the moment and to enjoy yourself. There is always work to do but keep in mind that enjoying some time in the company of people you love can be rejuvenating and will help recharge your battery.


You have wonderful leadership qualities. People respect, admire and look up to you but don’t let this be an excuse for them to leave you to do it all on your own. It has fallen to you to arrange and oversee a new venture. Delegate.


Even though you are usually in control of financial affairs, something could distract you from taking your usual practical approach. A special offer or an exciting invitation may mean dipping into your savings. It might be better to wait a few days before finalising this purchase.


If there are matters at home that need your attention, this may mean you are going to have to cancel some social plans but your family will come first. You are taking a realistic view when making plans for the future. Helping a youngster who has been through some difficulties will be your first priority.


Instead of reminding yourself of your mistakes, concentrate your energy and focus your time on accomplishing something that will make you feel good about your work. You are being overly self-critical and you are judging yourself too harshly. Switch into a more positive frame of mind.

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