I became a cam-girl at 18 – my kids will understand why and be set up for life

An OnlyFans model has hit back at trolls who have told her that her kids will hate her for becoming a cam-girl when she was just 18.

Lola Mason, also known by her cam-girl name MamaPlugs, has looked back on her decade-long career, which has seen her earn over six figures from making explicit content online.

The 28-year-old turned to the X-rated life when she was a struggling teen mum using foodbank and hasn't looked back since.

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However, the cam-girl claims she has constantly been told that her children would hate her for making the content online but Lola just wanted to secure her children's future.

MamaPlugs claims having a family to provide for has pushed her to achieve more and that "being a teen mother didn't mean that was the end of my life like everyone told me".

However, cruel trolls online say that her kids will grow up hating her for how she makes her money.

To that, she said: "No one has hated me as much as I hated myself at 18 and I know they will know why I did it and know their mum is a f**king rockstar.

"If one day I die, I'll die knowing they're set."

The clap-back was posted on Lola's Instagram as she celebrated the anniversary of her cam-girl career, which has spanned 10 years.

On social media, the mum wrote: "I learned the true meaning of patience, success doesn't grow on trees nor appear overnight.

The industry can be dark and hard sometimes but without it, 18-year-old Lola wouldn't of stood a chance."

She described her younger self as a "teen mum, terrible with health conditions" who would use food banks to give her kids a proper Christmas because she couldn't afford it.

The model claims to have done well in school but her spinal condition made it difficult for her to work – but everything changed when a friend told her about being a cam-girl.

She says her "life changed almost instantly" and with the dedication, she put into it, "life got easier each year."

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The 28-year-old continued: "Most people don't want you to be happy or see you succeed and many of my friends loved that I was failing.

"I learned that my past doesn't define me and nor does my illnesses. Many think my health is better now, it isn't but everything else got easier so I can manage it better…

"I realised that I could do anything, I got rid of the debt. I saved money, I took my family places. I bought homes and businesses. That depressed teenager is still there but she's rooting for me every day."


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