I bought my twin nieces personalised gift – their mum slammed me for it

A man who offered his twin nieces their customised gifts was bamboozled when his sister told him off for offering one child more “items” than the other.

The uncle was confused as to why his sister gave him the cold shoulder after he’d chosen to buy the twins presents that reflected their interests.

Writing on Reddit, he said: “So, the other day, my (35M) twin nieces (Aria and Nina) had their twelfth birthday.

“For Aria, I got her an art bag (basically a small tote with hard backing and different sections and pockets) filled with art supplies, coloured pencils, watercolors, markers, sketchbooks, etc… Basically, a young artist’s cornucopia.

“For Nina, I bought some new softball supplies. New cleats, a battling helmet, twelve new softballs (she loses hers easily), and a metal bat.”

The Redditor explained that both of his niece’s faces filled with glee as they unwrapped their gifts, while their mother seemed less impressed.

“[She] shot me weird looks” he explained. “But I [thought] nothing of it at the time.”

Moments later, the man was confronted by his sister for offering Aria “more things” than her twin sister Nina.

He explained he’d aimed to gear the gifts toward each of the girls’ interests, his sister insisted this was unimportant next to the fact that one child received more items than the other.

When he calculated how much each of the gifts had cost, it transpired that Nina’s present was more expensive than Aria’s.

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“I did inform my sister of this,” he explained. Still, she’s been cold to me since then, which is weird because we’re normally quite close. This is having me feeling even more unsure. Am I the a***hole?”

Readers hurried to the comment section to offer their sympathy, with one writing: “I’m a twin and I think your sister is full of it.”

Another pointed out that buying two of the same gift for younger twins is fine, but it is better to personalise the presents to reflect their tastes once they get older.

“Now if the original poster bought one an expensive gaming system, and the other a relatively cheap tablet, I could understand the parent’s concern,” commented another Redditor.

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