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Dear Deidre: HOW can I move on when there’s still a glimmer of hope that I’ll get back with the mother of my kids?

My ex has told me she no longer has romantic feelings for me, and we’re never, ever getting back together but we get on so well, and I can’t help dreaming of what might be.

I’m 40 and she’s 38. We were together for eight years and have two boys, aged six and four.

We split two years ago because we were always arguing. I wasn’t a nice guy to be around.

Since then, I’ve worked hard on myself and understand what I did wrong.

We co-parent successfully and have even agreed to spend Christmas together this year, with me sleeping in the spare room.

I have no interest in meeting another woman. Am I foolish to hope my ex will change her mind and give me a second chance?

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DEIDRE SAYS: Nobody can ever predict the future but your ex has made it clear she only wants friendship.

I know it’s hard to accept but clinging on to hope will make you unhappy and could also cause complications in co-parenting.

Please read my support pack Moving On for advice. Talking to a friend or counsellor would also help.


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