I dread pals finding out my sister is lap dancer and sex worker | The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: MY sister loves working as a lap dancer and sex worker.

Even our parents are fine with it and say it is her life, and as long as she is happy, they are happy.

I am her 25-year-old brother and she’s 20.

We have always been very close and I can’t get my head around this.

All my friends fancy her and I can see why; she is a fun, sporty, bright outgoing girl.

She was meant to go to university after getting great grades in her A levels, but she’s not going now.

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Recently, very raunchy images of her appeared on the website of the club where she works.

I told her she should ask her manager to remove them but she just told me not to look at them if I didn’t like them.

I am really upset at what she is doing. I don’t know how to deal with this.

I am worried for her and dread people finding out.


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DEIDRE SAYS: You are a caring brother.

Paying for sex is supporting a generally grim, exploitative industry and she risks her sexual health by having sex with strangers too.

But she is making a choice as a responsible adult in today’s world.

There isn’t much more you can do except to make sure she knows you are there for her if she needs your support.

You can’t control what other people may say if they find out.

Her work is not a reflection on you or your family.

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