I got strep 5 times from licking own poop on OnlyFans – I make sure its clean

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    An OnlyFans star has defended herself after she was branded 'disgusting' for admitting she licked her own excrement off people.

    Controversial adult content creator and TikTok star Stella Barey, from Los Angeles, California, claims to have made up to $285,000 a month selling explicit content of herself.

    When it comes to what she's prepared do to rake in the cash, she says she has "no boundaries".

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    She's even contracted strep, a bacterial infection resulting in symptoms including sore throat, rash, muscle pain and swelling, nausea and vomiting, as a result of poop play.

    Stella recently came under fire after a clip of her making the grim admission began circulating on TikTok.

    "You know I actually don't have any boundaries, it's crazy but I don't have any. I have gotten Strep five times from licking my own poop off of people. I'm telling you I have no boundaries", she told the Iced Coffee Hour Podcast in the shocking clip.

    "And I've enjoyed it," she added.

    She revealed that she used to upload the content on her OnlyFans, but can't any more because the platform no longer allows anything "messy".

    After the clip gained traction on TikTok, Stella's own comment section was flooded with people calling her "gross" and "disgusting".

    But she responded to the backlash, claiming it's not something she does regularly any more.

    Taking to TikTok to give her "final word" on the controversy, she said: "I know everyone has their panties in a bunch right now about how I've licked my own excrement before but I will say I do not do that anymore I have learned and if I do do it, I make sure it's clean, usually."

    She added: "I also don't do it with other people so that I can't catch Strep from them and that's why I haven't gotten strep in over a year."

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    However, in the comment section, she revealed that she does still do it fairly often, writing: "I'd be lying if I said I didn't do ATM twice last week. CLEAN THO."

    But her defence appeared to just leave people even more confused.

    One person commented: "HOW CAN IT BE CLEAN????????"


    Someone else commented: "What do you mean if I do it I don't do it with other people? So you just still lick your own s**t by yourself?? That is disgusting."

    A fourth pointed out: "It can't be clean??? Ever."

    But the comments don't seem to have phased Barey, who recently posted another TikTok video of her smiling alongside the caption: "When women try to cancel me but it's men on the deep dark disgusting depths of the internet who pay my bills."


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