I have 8 kids so dont have time for Valentines – its like working 40hr days

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    A mum-of-eight feels like she works for "40 hours a day" parenting her kids.

    And as a result, Kora Duke hasn't ever had the chance to celebrate Valentine's Day with her husband.

    The 39-year-old has to pull out the stops to juggle her caring responsibilities for massive brood – as well as finding time for her hubby Andre, 42.

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    The pair, who live in Las Vegas in the US, got together on February 14, 2000.

    They had their first child Elijah, 21, the following year in 2001 – when Kora was just 17.

    The parents also have kids Sheena, 20, Zhaan, 17, Cairo, 15, Saiyah, 14, Avi, 13, Romani, 12, Tahj, 10 – but they sadly lost another baby girl during the mum's third pregnancy.

    Kora, who had all of her children by the time she was 28, is always run off her feet tending to their needs.

    In an exclusive interview with Daily Star, she shared: "We have been together for 23 years and we got together on Valentine's Day in 2000.

    "We haven’t been able to get a chance to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Something has always come up to where we did not get to go out.

    "[It's] the same as any other day."

    Despite the parents never being able to celebrate the day of love – or their anniversary that falls on the same day – their romance is still thriving.

    "It isn’t that difficult [our romantic life]," Kora claimed.

    "We may not go out and have date nights as often as I'd like, but we do stay in and order food and have alone time at home.

    "Honestly, I would love to get dressed up and get taken out. It’s always nice to get out of the house when it doesn’t involve a child."

    But Kora wasn't always head over heels for Andre – and she certainly didn't plan on having so many kids.

    "[It was] not love at first sight," the mum said. "I would say he made the first move. I was very shy, and I would never just come out and say I liked him.

    "He asked me if I like him out of the blue and I being smitten said yes, he pursued me after that."

    After Andre plucked up the courage all them years ago at secondary school, the pair became viral sensations by posting videos about their bumper brood.

    Kora often candidly shares the reality of being a mum of many.

    "I struggle to get everything done all the time, I do the best I can," she admitted.

    "Some days barely anything gets done. Others I get everything on my list completed. When I need a break, I take my break and my kids understand.

    "Out of everything I do during the day, the easiest thing on my list would be cooking. The most difficult is chauffeuring.

    "When I cook, I normally have on my AirPods and watch a movie on my phone and time goes by quickly.

    "When I am driving everyone everywhere, I am probably in the car for a total of 3 hours on any given day. It's very exhausting driving everyone everywhere.

    The mum recently took to TikTok where she revealed she works '40 hour' days – and told us: "From the minute I wake up to the minute I go to sleep I am always on the go.

    "I probably do an entire workweek worth of things all in one day.

    "I have been doing everything for so long that I am just used to getting it done. I guess at this point its muscle memory."


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