I love being catcalled by builders – women should take it as a compliment

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    A mum enjoys being catcalled – and thinks other women should take it as a compliment too.

    Model Sophie Filomena gets a confidence boost from wolf whistling and doesn't see it as sexist.

    The 27-year-old content creator, from Glasgow, says the flirty gesture is fine as long as it's not too persistent.

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    She told Fabulous: "I see girls moan about it but it’s a compliment. Builders are my biggest confidence booster.

    "I’m not really bothered about being chatted up.

    "I'll humour it unless it’s constant and I’m trying to enjoy a night out because then it will get on my nerves.

    "Otherwise I’m all for a wolf whistle."

    Sophie is used to getting male attention as she's an OnlyFans star – you can follow her @cargirlsophie here.

    But the topic of catcalling has proven to be more divisive with the British public.

    Back in 2021, the Home Office planned to make wolf-whistling and other pestering a criminal offence, but was met with some resistance.

    Many see catcalling as 'a bit of fun', with some women even welcoming it.

    Back in 2021, Britain's Got Talent judge Amanda Holden said: "I still want to get wolf whistles in my 70s, and I don’t care how sexist that is.

    "I want a builder to give me a little 'oi, oi' when I walk past.

    "I want to be tooted at by men or women when I’m walking the dog!"

    But others say wolf whistling and leering makes them feel uncomfortable – and have called for it to be made illegal.

    Celebrities to speak out against catcalling include Dua Lipa.

    In 2018, the Grammy Award-winning artist said: "You know, even from school, growing up with kiss chase or whatever, it's been ingrained in our heads that boys will be boys and its harmless fun and no big deal and to brush things off.

    "Like catcalling. To some it might not seem a lot, but it affects your mood, people get embarrassed about the way they dress."


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