I pooed everywhere during labour but my husband is trooper for scooping it up

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    A woman praised her husband for being a "trooper" for 'scooping up' her poo whe she made a mess during labour.

    Beth admitted the thought of pooing during labour haunted her throughout the entire pregnancy.

    But the new mum now assures her viewers that it's an unnecessary worry after experiencing it first-hand.

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    Choosing a water birth for a relaxed delivery, Beth explained on TikTok: "Everything was fine until I started pushing.

    "I was in a kneeling position and I started pushing, giving it my all and I started seeing my other half's hand reach down to the pool and he wandered off.

    "I didn't think too much because I was busy pushing an 8lbs baby out of my vagina."

    As the baby was coming out, the 28-year-old said she could feel her butthole was "fully gaping".

    "At that point that I realised that I had just been sh***ing everywhere in the birthing pool," she continued.

    "It was a complete aftermath – there was poo everywhere.

    "When I finally pushed him out, I looked around at the bathing pool and I sat there for a second…there's so much poo here.

    "It's like I've almost never done a poo in my life and I had saved it all for this one entire moment for it all to come out right now."

    After she pushed the baby out, the couple finally had some time to rest and Beth recalled a brief moment seeing her husband walking back and forth from the room.

    She explained: "My man is an absolute trooper because he picked up a piece of my poo out of the birthing pool and took it away and tried to put it in a bin.

    "Because he knew that I'd be embarrassed and he thought if I saw it, I'd be really devastated.

    "Then he said that as he returned from the bin, he looked at the pool like 'Do you know what? What's the f***ing point? There's so much of it'.

    "There's so much that he can't do it so yeah if you're worried about sh***ing yourself, don't worry because honestly, no one cares.

    "You are too busy trying to shove a child out."


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