IKEA and LEGO's BYGGLEK Collection Turns Storage Solutions Into Creative Playgrounds

Swedish ready-to-assemble furniture company IKEA and the Danish toy maker LEGO have combined for a surprising, but very well-matched, collaboration. The partnership introduces the BYGGLEK collection, which draws from IKEA’s love for storage and LEGO’s fascination with fun to develop playful storage solutions for children and their parents.

BYGGLEK offers three white storage boxes that, essentially, look like huge LEGO bricks. The lids are decorated with tiny plugs, while indents on the side of the boxes are also detailed with plugs, making for a great way to be inventive when creating handles.

The plugs on top of each box are there for a number of reasons. Firstly, you can stack and build towers of boxes in true LEGO tradition, but secondly, to make it more fun for children IKEA has also curated a 201-piece collection of bricks, food items and minifigures in different colors for you to decorate your box with.

As a result, the boxes transform from a storage solution to a playground. You can also build inside the box which gives you the chance to make microworlds.

The IKEA X LEGO BYGGLEK collection is set to release on IKEA’s website and in-store on October 1. Take a closer look at BYGGLEK above.

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