I'm 32 and my husband is 56 – I'm so tempted to cheat with a young colleague | The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: I’D always dismissed people who said my husband is too old for me but when a new colleague commented on our age gap, I questioned it for the very first time.

I’ve always been faithful and more than happy with our family life but since this man has joined the fitness centre where I work, I’ve started thinking about sex with a younger man — in particular, this colleague.

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I am 32 and my husband is 56. We have two sons, aged six and four, and have been married for seven years.

Despite the 24-year age gap, my husband and I have lots in common. We are both huge football fans and love horse racing.

We never cared what anyone said, even when they pointed out that by the time my husband is in his sixties and retired, I’d be in my thirties.

This new colleague, who’s 34, is a senior manager and really turning things around at the fitness centre. He is in great shape, too.

After seeing my husband picking me up one day he said it was nice I still spend so much time with my dad.

For some reason his words really stung and I’ve started looking at my husband through new eyes.

He does look exhausted and I’ve realised how predictable our lives have become, even having the exact same meals on set days every week.

This manager has started to flirt with me and on a work night out recently, he told me if I ever wanted to “road-test a younger model” he was a “very smooth drive”.

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Instead of resisting, I stayed by his side and even let him fondle my legs under the table.

Now I can’t stop dreaming about him and I know it’s only a matter of time before I cave in.

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DEIDRE SAYS: This wobble is not about the age gap in your marriage.

Your seven years together have already proved that is irrelevant. This is about tending to your relationship.

This work colleague has come along at a time when your relationship has stagnated.

Rather than take his interest as a sign your marriage is over, take it as a signal that you need to invest more in your marriage.

Suggest a night away, go to matches together, connect again on your interests and change up meal plans for a less predictable week.

You have two young sons who need you to try everything before you walk away.

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Your husband may be significantly older but he is the man you fell in love with and you can rekindle that spark.

I am sending you my support pack Looking After Your Relationship, which will help.

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