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A MUM has shared heartbreaking photos of her little boy after doctors misdiagnosed his cancer symptoms as constipation.

Sheena Harrad took her son Adam to see doctors when she became concerned about his symptoms.

The youngster had been struggling to poo, and Sheena, 37, said she had been concerned about his increased crying and lack of verbal communication.

Adam was just two-years-old at the time and Sheena claimed that medics dismissed her concerns, saying he just needed to be potty trained.

However, years later, Adam was diagnosed with ganglioneuroblastoma – an intermediate tumour that arises from nerve tissues.

Sharing images of her little boy, Sheena said that she is now glad she persisted to seek help when her child was unwell.

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After medics said Adam just needed to be potty trained, Sheena was in and out of A&E with her son.

Each time she was told there was nothing wrong with him, even though he was also suffering with leg pain, she said.

Aged five, an MRI scan revealed he had ganglioneuroblastoma.

He had a 15cm cancerous tumour in his stomach and another wrapped around his spine – which was to blame for his toilet troubles and difficulty walking.

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Brave Adam underwent a 12 hour op where his stomach and spine tumour was removed.

Now aged eight, he's back at school and playing with his friends.

Sheena, a stay-at-home mum-of-five from Coalville, Derbyshire said: "Adam has got to be referred to a spinal clinic.

"He will never be able to walk again properly but he is loving life.

"No obstacle is too big or too small for him."

Sheena added that Adam was just two-years-old when the ordeal started.

"He couldn't speak much, he was crying constantly and I kept taking him to the doctors but they were saying he was constipated."

What is a ganglioneuroblastoma?

A ganglioneuroblastoma is a tumour that arises from nerve tissues, experts at the National Library of Medicine state.

An intermediate tumor is one that is between benign – slow-growing and unlikely to spread and malignant- fast-growing, aggressive, and likely to spread.

They usually occur in children aged 2-4 years-old and rarely affect adults.

Benign tumours are less likely to spread, while malignant ones are aggressive and grow fast.

A ganglioneuroblastoma is usually less malignant and may only be in one area.

Medics say that in most cases, the cause is unknown.

The main symptom is a lump in the abdomen which is tender, with tumours also presenting in the chest cavity, neck and legs.

Adam was diagnosed with cancer at Nottingham Hospital in 2020.

Due to Covid restrictions, Sheena was at home with her other children during the surgery to remove his tumours.

"After the 12-hour surgery I got a phone call saying it was urgent and I had to go to the hospital – I thought he was dead," she said.

"They removed his stomach tumour but there is a bit left on his spine that is still being monitored.

"He has bent legs, he will never be able to walk."

Due to the weakness in his legs caused by scoliosis Adam has to use a walking aid to get around.

Now, Sheena said her son is doing well at school and described him as 'sassy'.

"You wouldn't think there is anything wrong with him.

"He loves playing on his Xbox, superheroes and eating – he is a typical lad at that age," she said.

Doctors now have to monitor the size of Adam's spine tumour in order to make sure the cancer doesn't come back.

Sheena added: "It is horrible – every test that comes you are sh******yourself.

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"He is still in and out of the hospital for various tests.

"We found a lump on his back last week. We rushed him to A&E and found out the lump was because his spine is more bent."

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