I'm worried my date will reject me when he sees my bad teeth and fuller figure

DEAR DEIDRE: I’VE arranged to meet a man in a pub, with the plan being that we head back to my house for sex. But I’m scared he’ll reject me because I’ve piled on the pounds and have bad teeth and breath.

I’m not a bad-looking woman, 41 and have plenty of friends. But my teeth aren’t in a great state and I’m carrying some extra pounds since lockdown.

I’ve been on the same dating site for ages. I love sex but have not had a relationship for three years.

In my profile picture I’m not smiling and I do look slimmer in the face.

This guy came on to me, saying he is 43 and looking for fun.

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We’ve been chatting for a while and I’m due to meet him next weekend.

I just hope he’s not put off by the way I look. Maybe I can get away with not kissing him?

DEIDRE SAYS: Most people are attracted to confidence – so if you can feel happy about who you are, that will shine through.

Losing weight and getting your teeth fixed are things you can do relatively easily. My support packs Losing Weight and The Dentist will help.

As we age, our bodies won’t be the same as they were in our twenties. This guy might be feeling as nervous as you, for similar reasons.

Go and meet him. You have nothing to lose. And if you do decide to go all the way, don’t forget contraception.

Good luck.

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