Influencer shocked as she's denied entry to party bus because of body

A TikTok user has shared the upsetting reason why she was denied entry onto a party bus.

‘If there’s one video I want to get a lot of traction on it’s this one,’ American influencer Fallon Melillon said in the video.

In the clip, Fallon explained she had bought a ticket for a party bus to a pool party with friends in Miami.

The night before the event, she decided to check the conditions so as to be prepared.

They read: ‘Sorry no big girls for this party!

‘The doorman is very strict on appearance. If you have had problems getting into exclusive clubs before then this is not for you!

‘Please don’t waste your time nor ours thinking we can get you inside [sic] if you do not meet the qualifications.’

Fallon and her friends were dismayed at the company’s actions.

‘It’s just downright awful and rude and humiliating,’ she said.

‘We ended up going there and they turned us away at the door because I am plus-size, as you can see, I’m bigger than I guess, the average girl, and they decided to tell us that we can’t get on the party bus.

‘They did refund our money, but it was very embarrassing going there and then telling us that we can’t go.’

Fallon then urged her followers to avoid engaging the business in future.

She explained: ‘For any women, even if you’re skinny and you would be allowed on the bus, I just don’t think it’s right to be supporting a business and giving them money to support this ideal.’

Those in the comments shared their disgust openly at what Fallon had to endure.

‘Yikes. We’re still doing this in 2021? I hope the business drops them and they get tons of bad reviews,’ wrote one viewer.

‘I’m wondering why they don’t say anything about men who may have larger bodies,’ said another.

More shared their body shaming experiences.

‘Glad you shared this and I’m sorry this happened to you. I’ve been turned away from a club for the same thing before. So messed up,’ wrote well-known influencer Remi Bader.

Another user explained: ‘Omg this happened to me five years ago when planning my sister’s bachelorette. A promoter told me no woman 150+ lbs.’

Fallon makes it clear that she had no problem with the pool party and that the issue is solely with the party bus company.

In a follow-up clip, she added that no one from the business had contacted her. However, the conditions to get on the bus changed to say they only wanted guests who have a ‘model-like’ appearance.

Since then, Fallon has found out that the company’s Eventbrite page is now deleted.

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