INVADER Crafts New Mosaics for City-Wide Takeover in France

Located on the roof of Le Corbusier‘s brutalist Cité Radieuse apartment block in Marseille, France is the MAMO Arts Centre founded by Ora ïto. The establishment has been transformed into a temporary residency and exhibition space for acclaimed French street artist, INVADER. The artist, known for his colorful pixelated mosaics across major cities across the globe, is spearheading a city-wide presentation in the French city called “INVADER WAS HERE.”

INVADER’s new mosaics reflect the local Mediterranean culture and spirit of Marseille. Although the mosaics are all unique in terms of their composition and size, many of the pieces have a blue and contrasting white color palette as a tribute to the Phocean city. One of the standout mosaics is a large-scale work featuring his signature subject placed on the roof terrace of Cité Radieuse.

The artist is currently mounting these works across the city, using the MAMO Arts Centre as his workshop to develop new pieces. “Marseille is the second largest city to be invaded by INVADER in France after Paris. It was a huge physical and technical challenge to carry out an incognito operation in an extremely busy city at the height of summer,” said MAMO Arts Centre in a statement.

Those visiting the “INVADER WAS HERE” exhibition at MAMO will get an up-close look at INVADER’s workshop filled with in-progress mosaics, tools, masks and costumes. Attendees will also be given a map to pinpoint all of the outdoor works that the artist has placed across Marseille. The exhibition is on view until November 11, 2020.

Head to Ora ïto’s website for more information.

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Cité Radieuse Arts Centre
280 Boulevard Michelet,
Marseille 13008
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