Is Keanu Reeves Bringing Back 'Constantine'?

Keanu Reeves’ star has been ascendant this year. John Wick 3 was a box office smash hit, surprisingly beating out Avengers: End Game. Fans can also look forward to seeing the popular star voicing the traumatized Duke Caboom in Toy Story 4 in June, and starring in Bill and Ted Face the Music in August. Even if Reeves weren’t hitting the top of the charts in the box office, he’s always been a fan favorite, lauded for being one of Hollywood’s genuine nice guys.

With all the attention he’s been getting lately, Reeves might be seeing an opportunity to make some moves. Much of his latest work has been revivals of previous roles, and Reeves doesn’t seem to want to buck that trend. In fact, he recently revealed he’d love to hit one old role in particular — John Constantine.

A box office bomb

Keanu Reeves played suicide survivor, cancer victim, and demon hunter John Constantine back in 2005. The movie was a box office failure, earning roughly $230 million on a $100 million budget. However, the movie did earn itself a bit of a cult following, with some fans praising Reeves’ take on the troubled protagonist.

However, Constantine has already transitioned to the small screen in the meantime, with a 2014 debut on NBC. The titular character was played by Matt Ryan, so there may be a fanbase for the new Constantine that Reeves may need to contend with. That being said, the show only lasted for one season, so it may not be much of an issue for Reeves.

A welcome revisitation for Reeves

Reeves has expressed that John Constantine was one of his favorite characters to work on and that he would be thrilled to revisit the world and lore surrounding the character.

Said Reeves, “I’ve always wanted to play John Constantine again. I just love that world, too, and I love that character. I just had a blast playing a character and [playing] in that world.”

Beyond that, a revisitation of Constantine might be the right move in terms of cinema strategy right now. Standalone hero/villain titles are becoming more popular, as we’re seeing with films like Aquaman and the upcoming Joker starring Joaquin Phoenix. DC and Warner Bros. have been embracing the idea of standalone titles, so it wouldn’t be a big surprise to see another such film crop up. Constantine also has a strong following among comic book fans, so it could be a potential win for the studio.

We’re done with this one

While Reeves might be excited to revisit some old characters and franchises such as John Constantine, there are others he simply doesn’t plan on working with again. One such example is Speed. Reeves has made it clear that he just does not intend to work on a Speed 3.

This may not come as much of a surprise after Reeves turned down a starring role in Speed 2 — a decision that ended up being for the best. The film was widely panned by critics, and bombed at the box office. Turning down the role put Reeves in what he calls “movie jail” when Fox essentially blacklisted him for fourteen years, but he doesn’t seem to regret it.

Reeves joked that he and co-star Sandra Bullock would simply be too old to star in Speed 3. “We’ll be 65!” explained Reeves on The Big Ticket. “I’m driving [or] Annie’s driving because I don’t remember where I am.”

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