It's not a match for Rebecca and Patrick on this week's Blind Date

It’s not a match on this week’s Blind Date: ‘I asked what he did for fun – he couldn’t recall having any’

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    By Samantha Brick for the Daily Mail


    REBECCA, 44

    Separated for two years, with three children.

    Dating Past?

    I was married for 21 years; it was an amicable split because we grew apart. I’ve had a few three-month relationships since then, but I’m enjoying being single.

    Any partner would have to understand my focus on my business and family. Still, I do want the ‘happy ever after’.

    Pre-Date Nerves?

    To tell the truth, no. I’ve been on a fair few dates. I approach them all a bit like a business meeting — I go in with a big, confident smile even if I’m not feeling it.

    Rebecca, 44, has been separated for two years and has three children. She installs living walls, where you grow plants from floor to ceiling

    First Impressions?

    Patrick arrived an hour late due to train delays. He was flustered so he didn’t pay me any compliments, and it was even more awkward when I told him how long I’d been waiting.

    On the plus side, Patrick has a good build and wore a beautiful suit. He is a good-looking chap.

    Easy To Talk To?

    The conversation was a bit stilted to start with; I felt like I had to do all the work. We swapped stories about what we’re doing to fulfil our passions. Patrick is taking acting lessons to conquer his lack of confidence.

    At one point, we were deep in conversation when Patrick blurted out: ‘What are you looking for?’ It was a bit blunt.

    I replied: ‘More of a spark.’ This ignited a discussion about what’s important when it comes to physical attraction. Patrick doesn’t believe in sparks.

    Embarrassing Moments?

    Only that my date was so late. But then, as a single mum of three, I got to enjoy an hour on my own in a posh restaurant. Every cloud . . . !

    Did Sparks Fly?

    No. Even though Patrick is attractive, I fundamentally need someone more confident than me.

    Patrick is rather reserved. When I asked him what he did for fun, he couldn’t remember the last time he’d had any.

    Fun-loving Rebecca is looking for a successful City type, who works hard and parties harder

    See him again?

    Probably not. Even though we did swap numbers, we aren’t on the same wavelength. That doesn’t take away from it being a lovely date though.

    What do you think he thought of you?

    I don’t know! He did ask me what I was looking for in a relationship so that, to me, signalled that he liked me.

    Would your friends like him?

    My friends would like Patrick, but they would instantly know he isn’t right for me.



    Separated for two years, with three children.


    I install living walls, where you grow plants from floor to ceiling.


    A successful City type, who works hard and parties harder.


    Divorced for 12 years, no children.


    IT network engineer.


    A clever, patient woman who can cook, and can talk but also listen.

    PATRICK, 47

    Divorced for 12 years, no children.

    Dating Past?

    I’ve had five serious relationships in my life. I was also in an arranged marriage set up by my family. It fell apart instantly because we were a mismatch and only had two months from first meeting to our wedding.

    Since then, I’ve focused on my career and travelling.

    Pre-Date Nerves?

    I was nervous but happy. A blind date appealed because it’s so hard to spot someone attractive and then actually approach them. By the time I’ve made the decision to go for it, the moment has gone.

    Patrick, 47, has been divorced for 12 years and has no children. He’s an IT network engineer

    First Impressions?

    Rebecca is very bright — literally! She was wearing a fiery red trouser suit and has striking blonde hair.

    I thought she was very pretty and friendly. We greeted one another with a handshake — the restaurant was busy so there was no room to edge around the table to give her a hug.

    Easy To Talk To?

    Yes. She felt comfortable enough to talk about her ex.

    Rebecca is a busy mum with a passion for her business. She made it clear that, for her, attraction comes in the first few seconds. If she doesn’t feel it, then she isn’t interested. It doesn’t give us introverts much of a chance.

    We also talked about our reading habits. Rebecca is a fan of the detective genre and enjoys losing herself in a different world. I told her about reading The Hobbit at a young age. It blew my mind.

    Embarrassing Moments?

    No, although a bottle of wine fell off the table next to us. The waiter had quick reflexes, though, and caught it.

    Did Sparks Fly?

    No, the date was more of a meeting of minds. Also Rebecca has three children. I’d like to have children with the right person, but we’d need a strong connection if I was to take on a woman with so many.

    Patrick is looking to meet a clever, patient woman who can cook, and can talk but also listen

    See her again?

    Yes. We were together for almost three hours and parted with a hug. I’d be happy to meet her for a drink.

    What do you think she thought of you?

    That I am a good person, easy to talk to and someone she can have fun with.

    Would your family like her?

    My mum reserves judgment until she knows a woman’s intentions. But she’d like that Rebecca is so positive.


    LIKED? Getting ready for the date.

    REGRETS? No, I’d do it again in a heartbeat.



    LIKED? Ease of communication.

    REGRETS? No connection on a romantic level.


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