I’ve been in a happy marriage for 20 years but I’ve never had an orgasm

DEAR DEIDRE: I’VE been married – very happily – for 20 years but I’ve never had an orgasm.

My husband and I have a great sex life apart from that one thing.

We are in our forties, have three children together, neither of us has ever cheated on the other, we share everything and he’s my best friend.

I want my husband to know that I’m very fulfilled by him – but also want to know how I can have an orgasm.

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DEIDRE SAYS: Keep telling him what a wonderful man and lover he is.

You can enjoy a very fulfilling sex life without having orgasms, but it’s natural to wonder if sex would feel even better with them.

It’s your responsibility, not your husband’s, to discover what stimulation would work best for you.

My e-leaflet on Orgasm For Women explains self-help sex therapy – but you can of course bring him in to share in the fun.

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