Japan Airlines introduces system so you can avoid seats next to kids

Japan Airlines introduces seating plan tool to help passengers avoid sitting next to children – but presenter Matthew Wright claims system is ‘open to abuse by perverts’

  • Japan Airlines seat pre-booking system shows where kids are sitting 
  • TV presenter Matthew Wright said the idea is a disaster on This Morning
  • He said that perverts could take advantage and book seats next to children 

A booking system used by an airline to ensure customers can avoid sitting next to children has been branded ‘a disaster’ by TV presenter Matthew Wright, who believes it could be abused by ‘perverts’. 

Appearing on This Morning, the presenter discussed Japan Airlines’ new seating tool to help adults identify which seats are occupied by children with Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield. 

The company shares an overview of the aircraft with customers when they pre-book seats, showing with an icon over those where children are sitting. 

According to the airline’s website: ‘Passengers travelling with children between eight days and two-years-old who select their seats on the Japan Airlines website will have a child icon displayed on their seats on the seat selection screen. 

‘This lets other passengers know a child may be sitting there.’  

However, according to Matthew Wright, in his opinion, the system is a bad idea, as it is open to abuse by ‘perverts’, although he wrongly described the system as identifying all under 12s, rather than babies and toddlers. 

Speaking on This Morning earlier today, the show’s co-host Holly Willoughby said: ‘Japan Airlines has introduced the perfect solution they say for any travellers who would rather avoid sitting near children by highlighting which seats have been booked by under-12s.  

TV presenter Matthew Wright appeared on This Morning to discuss Japan Airline’s booking policy – which he branded a ‘disaster’

Japan airlines shows where children are sitting on planes on its booking system, in a move implemented previously, but discussed on today’s episode of This Morning

Presenters Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby said they hadn’t thought about Matthew’s perspective when discussing the issue earlier

‘So when you pre-book your seats, they offer an aerial view of the plane showing which seats have already been taken.

‘They’ll have an icon of shows booked by those under the age of 12.’ 

Matthew said: ‘Do you see a problem? I can see a problem. Let’s say you’re a pervert, and you want to spend 12 hours talking to children.’

This Morning co-host Philip Schofield replied: ‘Oh my God.’

Matthew continued: ‘You want to spend 12 hours on a long haul flight, talking to a child, you can go on Japanese airlines, find out where the child is, book a seat next to them. It’s an absolute disaster. A disaster.’

Matthew Wright said ‘perverts’ could take advantage of the situation by booking seats next to children on flights 

Radio host Nick Ferrari was also involved in the debate about whether Japan Airline’s booking system is a good idea 

Nick Ferrari said he would rather be able to book seats away from loud businessmen and woman on flights 

Philip said: ‘Well our heads didn’t go there, that’s for sure, but we were talking this morning about it, and saying…you spend extra money on making sure you get your proper allocated seat…then a late check in family come in, how does that work?’

Commentator and radio presenter Nick Ferrari, who was also part of the discussion, added: ‘I saw this story, and in a previous life many years ago, I used to have to shuttle across the Atlantic quite a bit.

‘Can I do it the other way, can I book seats where I’m not next to a business man or business woman who spends their entire flight tap, tap, tapping away at their laptop, drinking whiskey, and then snoring rather loudly next to me?’  

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