Jennifer Lopez films disastrous wedding scene after Alex Rodriguez reunion

This is only slightly more of a mess than Jennifer Lopez’s real romance.

The Hollywood star was spotted this week looking like she’d been to hell and back while filming a scene from her latest flick “Shotgun Wedding” in the Dominican Republic.

Like her real-life relationship with fiancé Alex Rodriguez, J.Lo’s new flick involves some wild love trouble on the Caribbean island.

Wearing a floral crown and a soiled wedding dress, Lopez was spotted filming scenes for “Shotgun Wedding” with co-star Josh Duhamel.

Duhamel sported a pink jacket and tuxedo pants, and appeared to have bruises on his face.

In the film, Lopez and Duhamel, who replaced the embattled Armie Hammer in January amid Hammer’s cannibalism scandal, gather their families for a luxurious destination wedding.

Although the couple experiences cold feet before tying the knot, disaster strikes when the group is taken hostage.

Lopez wore a floral crown on set, along with a wedding dress that has seen better days.




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