Jill Biden and Martha Stewarts unlikely Super Bowl friendship

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Martha Stewart surprised her fans last night by unveiling her friendship with First Lady Jill Biden. Business mogul took to her personal Instagram account @marthastewart48 to post the unexpected snap. In it, she stood with her arm around the First Lady.

Martha wore a bedazzled gold look, in a full sequined top and a Champagne-coloured puffed gillet with short sleeves. Jill Biden, on the other hand, wore a black blazer over a Philadelphia Eagles t-shirt. She wore a gold brooch with a pearl and a crucifix around her neck.

Martha Stewart posted the snap with the First Lady of the United States at the Super Bowl to her 1.7M followers. She wrote: “Dr, Jill Biden, diehard Eagles fan, attended the BIG Game in Phoenix! Sorry Jill, the Chiefs won!”

Some Instagram users were thrilled to see the pair together. One called the two high-profile women “icons”. User Zeuschie wrote: “Icons. If anyone tells me I’m giving off Martha or Jill vibes, I’ve achieved my gracefully aging blond goals.”

Jillian White simply wrote: “Two icons.” Cheryl Frazier wrote: “Dr. Jill may be an Eagles fan, But – I am STILL a Dr. Jill Biden fan! 100 percent.”

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But, not all of Martha’s fans were so impressed by her snap with the First Lady. One wrote: “Oh, Martha, really?” Another said: “Sorry, Martha. Gotta unfollow after this one.”

The First Lady shared her support for the Philadelphia Eagles on her own Instagram account @flotus, with a slow-motion video. In it, Mrs. Biden walked away from the camera in slow motion, proudly showing off her Philadelphia Eagles jersey.

She wrote “We’re ready. #FlyEaglesFly” in the caption. Sadly, for the First Lady, the Eagles lost to the Kansas City Chiefs.

Those of Martha’s fans who did not approve of the post should not have been so surprised about her friendship with the Democrat First Lady.

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She clarified the fact she is a Democrat voter on television in 2011. On CNN she responded to host Suzanne Malveaux who said to the business mogul: “You are a very successful businesswoman. You’re also an active Republican.”

Martha responded: “Where did you get that? I have always been a registered Democrat.”

Jill impressed fans recently when she made a very diplomatic dressing decision at the State of the Union. She wore a purple dress to watch her husband’s address.

The significance of the colour was not lost on many. The colour is the result of red and blue, the colour of the Republican and Democrat parties respectively.

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