Kate Middleton reveals very ‘surprising’ thing about Chelsea Flower Show

Mum-of-three Kate Middleton invited four very special guests to get a sneak peak of the Back to Nature garden at the Chelsea Flower Show.

The Duchess of Cambridge showed her husband Prince William and kids Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis the garden she designed.

They spent an hour exploring the garden, which features a rope swing, a campfire and a rustic den.

And then the royals shared gorgeous photos and videos from their visit which showed the Cambridges playing as a family.

“It was interesting with the children yesterday running around”

Kate Middleton

And now Kate has revealed that there was one thing about her visit which really surprised her.

She said: “It was interesting with the children yesterday running around.

“My children played in it last night in a way I hadn’t imagined so they were throwing stones.

“I hadn’t actually thought that’s what they would be doing, they kicked their shoes off and wanted to paddle in the stream with their feet.

“Using it in a way I hadn’t necessarily said to, and that’s why it’s great seeing your kids here as well enjoying it.”

Kate designed the garden, which aims to encourage kids to play outside – after taking inspiration from her own childhood.

The Duchess also paid a sweet tribute to Princess Diana, by having a bunch of blue forget-me-nots in her garden.

According to Earl Spencer, the Princess of Wales’ younger brother, these flowers became her favourite after he gifted her with a bunch during their childhood.

Sean Harking, head gardener at Kensington Palace, told Vogue: “Earl Spencer, Princess Diana’s brother, gave some forget-me-nots to her when they were younger.

“They stayed with her as one of her favourite flowers.”

Marking the 20th anniversary of Diana’s death in 2017, thousands of white forget-me-nots were planted in the grounds of Kensington Palace.

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