Kim Kardashian Overwhelmed When Gifted Nicest Jewelry She’s Owned Since Paris Robbery

It’s no secret that Kim Kardashian loves the finer things in life. But she’s admitted to reeling back her jewelry wearing in the years since she was robbed at gunpoint in Paris in 2016, in which her $4 million engagement ring plus other expensive jewelry pieces were stolen.

So, when the reality star was recently gifted a diamond necklace, she became emotional when she realized how significant the gift was in the contact of the aftermath of the robbery.

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In the newest episode of The Kardashians, fashion house Dolce & Gabbana gifted Kim with a stunning cross diamond necklace and matching earrings as a thank-you for collaboration with them on their Fall 2023 collection.

“This is beautiful,” Kim exclaimed when she received the pieces. “This is the nicest piece of jewelry I own, because I lost it all.”

Speaking directly to the camera, Kim explained that she hasn’t bought any jewelry since the Paris robbery. So, receiving such a luxurious gift made her feel overwhelmed.

“After I was robbed in Paris, I haven’t bought jewelry, I haven’t really been about wearing jewelry,” she explained. “Because when it was taken from me, I didn’t know I was ready for that experience and what that meant, but I was ready to give it up.”

“This symbolized, to me, more than just getting a diamond cross necklace,” the SKIMS founder went on. “This brought a piece of my glamour back to me, and that’s why it’s so special I got it back from a really meaningful experience.”

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This isn’t the first time that Kim has admitted to being hesitant about wearing jewelry following the Paris incident.

In 2021, at the Keeping Up with the Kardashians reunion, Kim said she doesn’t let any expensive pieces of jewelry into her house, since she doesn’t want to make her home a target for thieves.

“No expensive items ever come to my home. I have it all taken from security before I even enter my home,” she explained. “I can’t sleep if I have jewelry in my safe, or money, or anything at my house. I just don’t live my life like that.”

12 people were charged in connection to the Paris robbery. One of the convicted thieves, Yunis Abbas, gave an interview after he was released from jail. He claimed they were able to target Kim because of her social media.

“I went on the internet, and I saw her jewelry, I saw her ring, I saw that she showed it everywhere,” he said. “We knew this information through social media, we knew that she was coming for fashion week, so we went there to do some reconnaissance so we were sure.”

Kim may be building her jewelry collection again, but fans likely won’t see much of it online, given what a scary situation her social media posts previously got her into.

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