Kinder Bueno pork sausages are now a thing – a dream come true for chocoholics

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Chocolate-flavoured bangers and mash anyone? If that sounds like your kinda thing, carry on reading…

An Irish butchers shop has come up with the Kinder Bueno flavoured pork sausages, and it's safe to say, we're intrigued.

The unusual food combination contains both sweet and savoury and aims to appeal to meat-lovers and chocolate fans alike, and it's caught the eye of thousands on social media.

Larmers Butchers, who are based in County Monaghan, Ireland, came up with the crazy concoction and have insisted they're delicious.

In fact, they've even suggested they are perfect for children!

An image of their creation was shared on their official Facebook page, which went down a treat on the social media site.

The snap's caption reads: "New Sausage Update. Here’s one for the kids, Kinder Bueno Pork Sausages"

They added: "All our sausages are made here in store and these are actually lovely. Don’t knock them till you try."

The post has gone completely viral, attracting over 8.1k comments and 1.7k shares.

Whilst it's true that one should never judge a book by its cover – or judge a sausage by the fact it's chocolate-flavoured – plenty of the Butchers' followers definitely jumped to the conclusion that the links weren't for them!

While some commenters were completely turned off by the idea of eating pork and chocolate together, others had an open-minded approach.

"Great way to get the kids into eating sausages" said one positive comment.

However, a sassy responder added: "If they're not eating yours, it's because you can't cook them right, sorry to say."

"Is this made with Bueno? Or made from pigs that eat nothing but Buenos?" one person joked in the comments.

Another concerned customer said: "The combination doesn't sound right together."

And another negative nancy chimed in: "Yeah maybe for a pregnancy craving not for anything else"

However, the sausages did have some fans, with one commenting: "I need to try these."

Larmers Butchers is a third generation family butchers run by father and son Eugene and Stephen Larmer in Newbliss, County Monaghan.

Speaking to Tyla, a spokesperson for Larmers Butchers said: “We’re always playing with new unique flavours for our sausages.

“We rerun our usual, most popular flavours every week and also have two specialty flavours that we change every week.

"This just happened to be the one that blew up!”

The butchers' recipe starts with their original pork sausage mixture, combined with a whole crushed up Kinder Bueno added in.

The butchers revealed they can't believe how popular their invention has become.

“Surprisingly, they have been flying out the door!”

The idea for their wacky flavoured sausages were thought of one random morning as the family sat down for breakfast.

The spokesperson explained: "The idea came from our Sunday morning breakfasts at home consisting of pancakes and sausages where Stephen’s two boys would often have a sausage rolled up in a pancake with Nutella.

"Believe it or not the chocolate really compliments the pork in the sausage, so we decided to mix the two, and they came out exceptionally well!

"And of course, keeping up with the trend of adding Bueno to ice cream, milkshakes, we decided why not sausages too?"

Customers looking to try the Kinder Bueno sausages can buy 2lb for €6.00 (£5.13).

Larmers Butchers has also organised DPD deliveries of the sausages to be sent across the UK to due an unprecedented rise in demand.

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