King Charles shrieked after encounter with everyday kitchen item

King Charles is famously opposed to environmentally unethical foods like foie gras, but it is claimed the monarch has a broader range of aversions.

Some of the King’s phobias were revealed in an excerpt from Tom Bower’s 2018 biography about the then Prince Charles, titled Rebel Prince.

Bower, who has previously written unauthorised biographies for several high-profiles figures, interviewed more than 120 for his book on the monarch.

The memoir made several bold claims, suggesting Charles once ‘shrieked’ and ‘trembled’ at the sight of a plastic wrap covering his dinner, only to be reassured moments later by Camilla that it was clingfilm.

An excerpt from the book was published in the Guardian soon after its release.

In a recent conversation with OK!, Carolyn Robb, a former private chef for the Royal Family, shares some of her observations of the King from her 11 years working for him, which started in 1989.

She recalls: “Charles always had a modest amount of meat in his diet and everything had to be in season – so no imported strawberries in December.”

As a keen gardener and environmentalist, it comes as little surprise that the monarch is in tune with his surroundings and opts out of imported foods.

A job opportunity for a vegan chef was recently listed by Buckingham Palace, as the monarch abstains from meat and dairy a few times a week.

King Charles is also known to have banned foie gras from all royal residences – a move that was widely applauded by the public.

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“Charles is the first King of England to care about the cruelty of geese, that has significance to me,” wrote one person on social media after the decision was announced.

Robb added: “These are things we now understand as being far better for the environment. I’d prepare home cooking with the freshest ingredients. Leftovers would go into a quiche the next day.”

Last month, the monarch confessed his intolerance of spice to YouTubers Joshua Carrot and Oliver Kendal, after Buckingham Palace opened its doors to celebrate the contributions East and South Asian communities have made to Britain.

“He said he was a big fan” of Korean food and that he liked everything “unless it was a bit too spicy”, Joshua told PA.

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