Kit Harington Is Ready to Run Far Away From Jon Snow: "It's a Very Heavy Show"

No matter how fans might feel, Kit Harington is ready to move on from Jon Snow. “I don’t want to try and repeat Jon Snow,” the Game of Thrones actor said in a recent interview with Harper’s Bazaar ahead of the long-awaited series finale. And after eight demanding seasons, who could blame him? “It’s a brutal experience, especially after nine years,” Harington said.

Though he isn’t entirely shutting out the possibility of another fantasy project, Harington explained, “It’d have to be the right thing.” He added, “You’re an actor to kind of step in and out of many different roles. I don’t want to step back into the same thing.” On what he has in mind, Harington said, “Maybe something slightly lighter. It’s a very heavy, heavy show, heavy role. So something which is a bit lighter, a bit funnier maybe. Other than that, I don’t really know.”

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