Lindt have launched milk chocolate Lindor balls with a white chocolate filling for Christmas

When Bing Crosby sang “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas” he was referring to snow, but fans of white chocolate might also have some hopes realised this festive season.

This is because Lindt have released a new chocolate, a limited edition Lindor truffle which has a milk chocolate shell but then is filled with creamy white chocolate.

Of course white chocolate Lindor balls have been in shops for a while, but the combination of the two different types of chocolate is what makes this new offering so special. The tasty treats, which will be only be sold for the festive season, come in a 200g box.

On the Swiss chocolate manufacturer’s website it says: ”This Christmas, indulge in Lindor Milk with White truffles – delicious Lindt milk chocolate enrobing delectably smooth white centres. Perfect for sharing, entertaining and gift giving.” Or you could just eat them all yourself while curled up in bed… up to you…

If you want to pick up a packet, you can buy them at Tesco where they are currently on offer for £4.

But it’s not just Lindt that will help you to have a white chocolate Christmas; in September Maltesers launched a white chocolate version of the best-loved classic. The bite-sized snacks have a milk and white chocolate centre and are packed with tiny chunks of honeycomb then coated in creamy white chocolate.

These mouthwatering, malty morsels also come in a 200g box, but they sell for £4.99 and are exclusive to Tesco. And Cadbury have got in on the act too, having recently released a whole new collection of white chocolate.

This includes new white chocolate bars, white chocolate giant buttons and white chocolate Freddo Treasures. The bar cost £2.49, while the buttons cost £1.50 and the Freddo Treasures are on sale for £1.50.

Nancy Galvin, Brand Executive for Cadbury said: "We’re always looking for ways to grow and innovate our Cadbury range and are delighted to be bringing the new Cadbury White Chocolate range to stores across the UK. We can’t wait to hear what our fans think about these delicious new products."

When they posted the news to their Instagram it was met with excitement from fans with one saying "I cannot wait! My dreams have come true."

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