Lorry driver reveals he cooks gourmet meals on his truck's slow cooker

Lorry driver, 50, who wanted to avoid becoming the ‘stereotypical overweight trucker’ makes gourmet meals including Goan fish curry and fresh scones in his vehicle

  • Robert Booth, 50, from Dover, is a lorry driver with the heart of a gourmet chef
  • Foodie buys fresh ingredients on the go and cooks them in truck’s slow cooker
  • Made Goan fish curry, yellow split pea dhal, chicken arrabbiata at side of road

A lorry driver has ditched greasy fast food and service station pasties to instead cook up fresh gourmet meals from his vehicle while on the road. 

Robert Booth, 50, from Dover, makes delicious grub from using a slow cooker strapped to his passenger seat and a camping stove.

The driver, who didn’t want to be a ‘stereotypical overweight trucker’, buys fresh ingredients on the go – stopping at veg and farm shops where possible.

His creations include the likes of Goan fish curry, yellow split pea dhal, chicken arrabbiata and linguine with smoked oysters and fennel seeds, all made at the side of the road. 

Robert Booth (pictured), 50, from Dover, makes delicious gourmet grub from using a slow cooker strapped to his passenger seat and a camping stove

The lorry driver, pictured, didn’t want to be ‘the stereotypical trucker’ and honed his cooking skills on the side of the road 

Rob, who delivers construction materials all over the UK, said: ‘I’m what they call a tramper, I sleep in the truck all week so I’m always on the road.

‘There is only so long you can eat McDonald’s and fast food before you crave something different.

‘I also fit the perfect demographic for a heart attack so that was kind of at the back of my mind too. I’m a middle-aged guy and I didn’t want to turn into the stereotypical overweight trucker.’

 Robert pictured with his eggs royal and a chicken skewers which he cooked on his slow cooker 

Robert’s slow cooker, pictured. The lorry driver said he decided he wouldn’t eat service station convenience food two weeks into the job

Rob said goodbye to service station convenience food just two weeks into the job and admits he sometimes has to be inventive with ingredients but goes to great lengths to get the taste spot on.

But that’s not stopped him from whipping up fresh scones, scotch eggs and cheesecake all from his lorry. He hopes to master a soufflé next.

Other dishes include cauliflower and cashew nut curry, sausage and lentil casserole, chicken escalopes in lemon with asparagus and garlic mash, goulash and sweet and sour tofu.

The father-of-two, who is now known as ‘the fairy trucker’ thanks to his culinary skills, spends just £20 per week on fresh ingredients compared to the average spend in a service station which he claims to be around £10 per visit.

A mouth-watering chicken skewers with salad and balsamic vinegar prepared by driver Robert 

Did somebody say breakfast? Robert’s egg royal look gastro-pub worthy! The driver picks fresh ingredients on the go 

Robert’s food cupboard on his lorry, filled with eggs, canned food and other cooking essentials 

He added: ‘I don’t really have a favourite dish, as long as it’s tasty and relatively healthy it will do.

‘If I see a recipe I fancy I will work out how to adapt it to the truck. Some of the best recipes come from Nigella and The Hairy Bikers but I’ll try any. 

‘The reaction from other truckers can range from supportive to bemused, to occasionally dismissive.

Time for some eggs! The talented cook said he liked to try his hand at any recipe he fancied and adapt it for the truck 

Robert said he didn’t have a favourite dish, as long as it was healthy and easy enough to make in the truck

On the road snack! Robert’s homemade split pea dhal with salad and fresh cut vegetables with taco shells

‘There’s still some very old fashioned attitudes in haulage and it’s time we changed them. Some also take the mickey but generally us truckers, we all stick together.

‘I have also occasionally fed other truckers and it’s always gone down quite well,’ he added. 

‘It just proves that with limited space and limited equipment you can produce good healthy food. If I can do it, everyone can.’

The skilled driver and skilled chef even made linguine with smoked oysters and fennel seeds on his slow cooker, pictured

Humble Robert, pictured, said that if he could eat healthily while on his truck, anyone could have a go as well 

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