Lumie Sunrise Alarm review: we test out the lamp that took social media by storm

THE Lumie lamp is the sunrise alarm that needs no introduction. I've reviewed it to see if it brings some light to my mornings.

Over the past two years, it has taken social media by storm thanks to an original concept: it resembles a sunrise and sunset, utilising light therapy to help people sleep and wake up.

There are countless alarm clocks on the market and sunrise lamps are now becoming more common, but Lumie lit the way for the rest to follow. The question is, does this ethereal bedside device really work?

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  • Stylish
  • Sunrise function is a gentler way to wake up in the mornings
  • Scientifically proven to improve sleep patterns, boost your mood and overall wellbeing
  • Easy to set up and straightforward to use
  • Works as a digital alarm clock with a beep
  • Can be used as a lamp throughout the day
  • Light display auto adjusts to surroundings


  • Significantly more expensive than a regular alarm
  • Nagging worry that in a deep sleep you might not wake up on time
  • Not everyone will experience the same wellbeing benefits

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  • Lumie Bodyclock Rise 100, £65.99 at Amazon – buy here

Lumie sunrise alarm review: quick summary

In short, this is a stylish addition to your bedside table and offers a gentler way to naturally wake your body up in the morning and get to sleep at night.

It really does recreate the soothing feeling of a sunrise and sunset and it promotes a healthy sleep routine. Once you push the sunset button, you have 30 minutes to put your phone down and begin to doze off before the light switches off.

As a night light for adults with additional wellbeing benefits, it's a gadget that is well worth the money for it's beautiful design and it's functionality.

While it is an investment, the Lumie sunrise alarm has the unique ability to wake you up with light sensitivity, which does actually make it easier to get up and out of bed in the morning.


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Lumie sunrise alarm review: full review

What is the Lumie sunrise alarm?

Cambridge-based light therapy specialists Lumie created a sunrise alarm to wake you up with a 30 minute gradual sunrise and a fading sunset for easier sleep.

The company has been researching, designing and developing light therapy products for 30 years and created the world's first wake-up light, which brought light therapy into mainstream retail.

I tried one of its bestsellers, the Lumie Bodyclock Rise 100, which also works as a fully dimmable bedside light, nightlight and has a light sensitive auto dimming display, harnessing the benefit of light therapy to promote wellbeing.

The alarm is designed to improve your mood and energy levels throughout the day by helping you get a full night's sleep.

How does it work?

I was surprised by how easy the Lumie was to set up. Within a matter of minutes of unboxing the alarm, it was set up and ready to go.

It has three buttons, along with a plus and minus, to adjust the time and brightness of your lamp. After setting the time, you press the alarm button to set your preferred wake up time.

Then all you have to do is click the alarm button again to see the light ping up on the digital display. It's very easy to turn the alarm on and off, so that on weekends it won't be disrupting your lie ins.

You can also quickly adjust the alarm time if you need it to be more flexible during your week.

To initiate the sunrise you press a button on the opposite side of the display and a deep orange light comes on. Over the course of 30 minutes the lamp will begin to dim, before it ends in complete darkness.

When the light is completely dark the digital clock display will also disappear, so it doesn't distract you when you sleep.

  • Lumie Bodyclock Rise 100, £65.99 at Amazon – buy here
  • Does the light actually wake you up?

    The main question I was asked after telling people I was writing a Lumie Sunrise Alarm review was, predictably: "Does it actually work?"

    I'll admit I was skeptical too, especially as I often set several alarms for the fear of dozing back off to sleep after turning off the first in a half-conscious state.

    But the answer is: yes, it really does work. Regardless of the position I sleep in, the light is bright enough to wake me up.

    The light becomes brighter over the course of the 30 minute "sunrise" period, shifting from from a warm deep orange to a bright yellow light.

    This also indicates roughly what time it is without looking at your phone, as you can tell how far into the sunrise it is by the shade of light. After a few days, I found I would wake up about 5 minutes before my alarm, as the light was already bright enough to catch my eye and bring me out of my sleep.

    You can alter the strengthen of the light too on a scale of 1-5, moving from the darkest moment to the brightest in the sunrise.

    Can I have an alarm beep too?

    Along with the sunrise and sunset effect, you also have a digital clock display showing you the time and the option to have the alarm beep in the morning.  

    I prefer to have the alarm beep with the sunrise effect for my own peace of mind, but I'm always awake before the beep as the light has almost reached the highest setting.

    How much does it cost?

    The Bodyrise 100 sunrise alarm I tested is £79.00, which is in the middle of Lumie's price range.

    The brand's cheapest offering is the Sunrise Alarm, which is a more compact version of this one that comes in at almost half the price at £39.98.

    There are also fancier versions of their sunrise lamps that also include a DAB radio and are over double the price of the Bodyclock Rise 100 at £199. But this product is more suited to individuals who are looking for more of an all-round home essential digital radio and clock.

    Lumie also have an adorable bedbug nightlight for children, as well as lights that are specifically for seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and energy lights to boost your exposure to natural sunlight and, as a result, your mood.

  • Lumie Bodyclock Rise 100, £65.99 at Amazon – buy here
  • Lumie sunrise alarm review: the verdict

    Sure, it's not an essential purchase, but once you have it you'll wonder how you ever lived without the Lumie Sunrise Alarm. Then you'll probably use your newfound energy to rave about it on social media like everybody else.

    It's an investment that will help you get into better sleep habits, form a nighttime routine and it is also a beautiful ornament in your bedroom during the day.

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