Man Accused of Stabbing Grandmother to Death as She Made 911 Call, Before Stabbing Dad 20 Times

Bodycam footage shows the moment the suspect "turned and charged" at deputies, before they used a taser to bring him into custody.

Video showing the chilling moment a man accused of murdering his grandmother and stabbing his father was apprehended by deputies in Oklahoma has been released by authorities.

The incident went down on Tuesday evening, with deputies from the Wagoner County Sheriff’s Office responding to a stabbing call. The grandmother of the suspect, who was later identified as Nicholas Scarborough, is the one who called 9-1-1 — speaking with dispatch after she had already allegedly been stabbed by her grandson.

“Our dispatch … they didn’t know they were interviewing a dying person and they got a lot of information out of her,” Sheriff Chris Elliott told News on 6, claiming she was able to provide the suspect’s name, as well as a physical description. She also told dispatch Scarborough had allegedly stabbed his own father, who uses a wheelchair.

Per the outlet, citing deputies, the grandmother died before they arrived on the scene, while the suspect’s father was stabbed 20 times, survived and was taken to the hospital via helicopter and is in critical condition.

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When deputies arrived on the scene, according to the Sheriff’s Office, they “observed him fleeing the area,” before commanding him to raise his hands and get on the ground. As he began to crouch down, as seen in bodycam footage, Scarborough then “turned and charged towards the deputies,” screaming out as he did so.

“The suspect fought both deputies until a taser was utilized to bring the suspect into custody without injury to the suspect or deputies,” said authorities, as video shows him wailing and thrashing throughout.

According to News on 6, Sheriff Chris Elliott says Scarborough told investigators he stabbed his dad in a “fit of rage.” The arrest report, meanwhile, reportedly said he charged deputies because he wanted them to kill him.

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Elliott, calling the crime “horrific,” said authorities in the area were already aware of Scarborough, who recently got out of prison for an unrelated crime. He told the outlet the murders are “a shining example of how our criminal justice reform is not working in the state of Oklahoma,” adding that Scarborough “should have never been out of prison.” According to records, he was previously arrested for assaulting police and having a firearm as a felon.

Scarborough was charged with murder in the first degree, attempted murder, assault and battery on a police officer and resisting arrest.

Because the suspect is a member of a federally recognized tribe, the FBI will be taking lead on the investigation going forward.

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