Man mortified as he receives angry note from neighbour about his neglected lawn

A man was accused for devaluing every home on his street in a nasty letter sent by his angry neighbour.

The bloke, known as Jeremy, moved onto the street a few years ago and has worked endlessly on modernising his home.

He has replaced broken features and renovated the entire detached property in his home in Ohio, US.

But due to stormy weather, Jeremy has been unable to pay attention to his front garden which has been neglected for weeks.

He claims he was shocked when he received an anonymous letter from a neighbour calling him out for not maintaining his garden.

The note starts by saying the street has been "beautiful" for many years with pretty homes and well-kept lawns.

It added: "However, as the appearances of our homes deteriorate, so do our property values.

"Your lawn is full of weeds and dandelions, and seeds from those weeds will soon be blowing into the lawns around you.

"We take care of our lawns, and don't appreciate spending money for weed control to have seeds from your lawn coming into ours.

"Have a little consideration for you neighbours. It doesn't take a lot of time or money to keep your yard maintained."

The letter went onto ask if it was "too much" for his neighbours to ask him to keep the weeds and dandelions.

It read: "If your work schedule keeps you from keeping your property manicured, there are many economical lawn services available.

"And also teenagers who would appreciate the summer work. All of our property values depend on all of our neighbours.

"Spring is now here, and it is time to keep this neighbourhood looking good. We sincerely thank you!"

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Jeremy shared the letter on Reddit where he explained how he's been unable to tame his garden due to the weather.

Fortunately many jumped to his defence, with one even quick to describe the neighbour as a "Karen".

The user said: "Look at all those weeds! You have prolly brought Karen's property value close to $0 by now."

Another added: "No matter where I've lived, there's always been a neighbour that's awful. This person is clearly yours."

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