Max Greenfield of 'New Girl' Still Gets Tweets About His Role on 'Gilmore Girls'

MaxGreenfield has had a pretty successful television career by any measure. Heappeared in The O.C. for oneepisode in 2007. In 2008 he was a recurring character in Freeform’s Greek, a series that followed the lives ofcollege students involved in the Greek system. The same year he took on therole of Nick Pepper in Ugly Betty.Later, he would join the cast of NewGirl, the show that ensured Greenfieldwas easily recognizable. Before all of that, though, Greenfield showed up in Gilmore Girls, and fans are not about to let him forget it.

Greenfield appeared on GilmoreGirls long before New Girl

New Girl premiered in 2011, and Schmidt became an instant fan favorite.Sure, he was supposed to be a “douche,” but it was clear from the word go that Schmidtwas way more complicated than that. Over seven seasons, fans watched Schmidtdevelop and change. They watched him find the woman of his dreams and settledown. Greenfield’s portrayal was inspired, but a lot of people still rememberhim from a bit part on Gilmore Girls.

Back in 2003, Greenfield took aminor role in Gilmore Girls. He appeared in exactly one episode for nomore than 120 seconds, yet his portrayal of a drunken college kid remains memorable.In the episode “Chicken or Beef,” Greenfield portrays a friend of DeanForrester. Dean, set to marry Lindsay the very next day, stumbles into Luke’sDiner, drunk with his friends. Greenfield’s only line in the show was about howhis name was Luke too, and that he and LukeDanes should start a club.

Greenfield still gets tweets aboutplaying the other Luke

Greenfield may not have consideredthe part consequential at the time, but Gilmore Girls fans rarely forgetanything. Greenfield appeared on People’s Couch Surfingand discussed his Gilmore Girls role. Apparently, people are stilltweeting about it.

When pressed about how he prepared for the drunken role, he insists he wasn’t method acting. Greenfield simply stated that he just went for it, and acted drunk for the entirety of the scene. He did pull it off pretty well, and it was probably good practice. Once Greenfield took on the role of Schmidt on New Girl he had to act drunk more than a few times. After all, the loft mates never turned down a chance to play True American.

Will Gilmore Girls returnfor a second revival?

While Greenfield likely won’t be reprisinga role in StarsHollow anytime soon, it’s possible the series regulars could be back for atleast one more revival season. Back in 2016, Amy Sherman-Palladino, themastermind behind Gilmore Girls, was completely noncommittal aboutcoming back for a second season. She told Voguethat the season told the story that the cast and crew wanted to tell. Anyonewho has watched the Netflix original, however, knows that Sherman-Palladinoleft fans with a massive cliffhanger.

Now, four years later, it looks like the series is getting a lot closer to a second revival season. Sherman-Palladino has allegedly been in talks with Netflix about developing a second reboot. It is unknown when the series would air, and what storyline it would follow. While Greenfield won’t be reprising his minimal role in the series, fans can assume they’d get to catch up with Luke, Lorelai, Rory, and Emily Gilmore. Hopefully, Melissa McCarthy will join the cast to reprise her role as Sookie St. James in a larger capacity this time around; that is if it actually happens.

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