McDonald’s worker behind-the-scenes reveals how burgers are made so fast

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A McDonald’s employee has shared a sneak peek at what life is like in the kitchen of one of the world’s biggest fast-food brands.

In a clip uploaded on TikTok, burger maker @iamfreddym shows how all of the ingredients are stacked in heated shelves in an assembly line-style.

He shows how he makes a burger in an eye-opening video demonstration.

Firstly, he grabs both halves of the burger buns and puts them down on the counter and places a slice of cheese on the bottom layer.

Next, he adds the meat patty and puts a fried egg on top, pulling a hot one from the shelf.

The burger is then wrapped up in paper so quickly that its a blur and slid down the metal counter on its way into the hands of a hungry customer.
Unsurprisingly, the footage was a huge hit with Maccies fans, receiving more than 3,000 likes and dozens of comments.

"Not gonna lie that is pretty satisfying," wrote one viewer in appreciation.

"Looks good," said a second hungry fan.

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Someone else claimed: "And this is why McDonald’s is faster than burger King I worked at both and McDonald’s is faster, claimed one viewer."

But some trolls said the service looked "slow" and one even commented: "I’m never going there again".

This comes after a Mcdonald's worker blasted customers for ordering McChickens early in the day.

And a mum said she likes to feed her six-month-old baby McDonald's burgers and fries – hitting back at trolls who claim it is unhealthy.

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