Meet female electricians bossing industry – despite being judged over good looks

Being an electrician is hard work – and it’s even harder when you’re not taken seriously because of how you look.

Recently there has been seen a surge online of women becoming sparkies.

And while they love their jobs, people are judging their appearances before they appreciate their skills.

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Read on to find out more about these four women who love being electricians despite the occasional sexism they face.

‘Hottest sparky ever’

Teneisha Musumeci, who posts on TikTok under the username @teneishamusumeci, recently posted a variety of videos of herself grafting at a building site.

In one clip the Aussie can be seen wearing a yellow hi-viz and protective boots complete with pink laces.

But fans were more distracted by her good looks and figure than the work she was doing.

Teneisha said blokes often fall in love with her, with commenters calling her the “hottest sparky” ever.

Others have praised her for working in a male-dominated industry.

Too sexy for work

An electrician claims she has been turned down for more than 50 jobs because she is considered too sexy and she would “distract” male workers.

Sian Willcocks, from Lincoln, previously struggled for months to get a job and was stunned by the sexism she faced.

She said: “One person said he couldn’t employ me because I would distract the guys at work. I have had some older customers watch over me like a hawk when I’m doing work.

“A couple have said women belong in the kitchen, but I tend to shrug it off.

“I do feel I’m being treated differently because they see me as a slim, pretty, ditzy blonde.”

Marry me

Isabell McGuire is a sparky and TikTok influencer who recently went viral for rocking her dusty yet sexy work attire.

The beauty, from Manchester, certainly turned heads as she put her skills to work.

Not only is the blonde good with her hands but Isabell can make sparks fly – quite literally.

People have been so enamoured by her in her uniform that she’s received a variety of marriage proposals.

As well as this, a variety of blokes said they now want to join the trade.

Born to do it

A female electrician has racked up 35 years in the trade after starting her sparky ­career aged just six.

Lisa Marie Evans, 40, used to help her grandad Gerry when she was a kid and could rewire an entire house by the time she was 16.

And the mum of three has stuck at the profession despite facing sexism from clients, with some “scoffing at the thought of a woman electrician’’.

“I am one of the best electricians there is, male or female, yet I still get looks while offering my services,” she said.

“I had my first lesson in electrics when I was just four. I was tiny so my grandad would throw me in lofts and small spaces to help with the electrics.

“I just love it and have always wanted to do my grandad proud. Never missed a day’s work.

She added: “During my 35 years as an electrician I suffered multiple accounts of sexist comments, but I never let it stop me.”


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