Meghan Markles colourful outfit reflects how we should all be dopamine dressing

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Last week we saw Meghan Markle step out not only once but four times and naturally she impressed us on each occasion.

However, there was one specific outfit that the Duchess of Sussex wore that got us thinking.

On September 24, Meghan stepped out alongside Prince Harry for a spot of lunch and a visit to a school in Harlem, New York in a head-to-toe red outfit.

Whilst obsessing over how amazing she looked in a matching jacket from Loro Piana as well as perfectly finishing off the scarlet look with a pair of Manolo Blahnik court heels, we also couldn’t help but feel joy from the look.

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Throughout Meghan’s time as part of The Royal Family, we have seen on numerous occasions how she uses her wardrobe to communicate various emotions and represent messages non-verbally.

This sparked us to think about just how we can use certain colours in our wardrobes to not only literally brighten up our days but also lift our moods in true Meghan style.

When it comes to colour theory, it all comes down to how certain colours trigger certain emotions and how our neurotransmitters react to these in order to release feelings of positivity and happiness.

After a year and a half of what can only be described as a whirlwind, we think we’re definitely due some positive vibes in our lives, and what better way to bring this by making ourselves look that extra bit more fabulous.

Whilst certain colours can have more negative representations, such as red symbolising anger and pain, it can also convey passion, love and joy, which makes sense as to why Meghan is such a fan.

Another colour that we have seen the Duchess sport on various occasions is the colour blue, which illustrates calmness as it is the colour of the sky and sea.

After herself and Prince Harry moved to Canada in March 2019, Meghan made her first appearance in a blue Victoria Beckham dress, perfectly representing her new found happiness.

In addition to this, there is one colour in particular that is a firm favourite of Meghan’s that she pulls off so effortlessly and uses to signify certain emotions, white.

We saw the 40-year-old stun in an embellished white shift dress by designer Valentino at the Global Citizen concert last week and we were left speechless.

The mum-of-two has worn this colour during multiple appearances as it’s one of the most powerful colours communicating purity, spirituality and new beginnings – which is very fitting for her and Prince Harry’s new life in Los Angeles.

If you’re a lover of The Royal Family and are fans of their wardrobes then you’ll know that it’s not only Meghan that’s a lover of all things colour.

The most colourful member of the establishment is undoubtedly Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, who is known for her wide array of vibrant and energetic ensembles.

So even though the evenings might be getting darker earlier and the colder temperatures set in, this doesn’t mean we have to ditch our summer brights for dark shades as Meghan clearly demonstrates how we can use it as a tool for getting through the winter.

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